Outrage culture is tearing our society apart.

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There have been a lot of different talking points about cancel culture. Most of this is fed by false ideas of erasing, this, that, or the other thing for “political correctness”, “woke culture”, and other such notions. The idea of cancel culture is thoroughly divisive, too.

But the real issue, to me, is not this notion of cancel culture. The real problem is the pervading outrage culture.

People find reasons to get outraged at the drop of a hat. It takes little to nothing to set people off and get them ranting and raving.

Being outraged by this, that, or…

Being impressed by your own work isn’t so weird. Maybe I did write that…

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For 2021 I have written a total of 6 new books.

Four are the launch of my Forgotten Fodder series. Two are the continuation of my Void Incursion series.

As part of the work, editing must occur. This is a three-part process.

Part One — I reread and edit my work. Much to the amusement of my cat, I tend to read aloud. Long ago I found that you catch many errors you might otherwise miss. This can be especially amusing if a lot of time has passed since I last looked at this work.

Part Two — I send…

Though often lacking, we should work to give kindness and compassion — even when we don’t get them.

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It costs nothing to be kind.

Compassion has no price to it.

Little to no time is spent on kindness and compassion — and minimal time is certainly never wasted.

When the hell did basic kindness and compassion go out the window?

Spend even the slightest amount of time online and reading the news and you’ll see numerous, deplorable acts on the part of politicians, business leaders, and religious figures that make zero sense. People in positions where they can make lives better actively fuck people over. ALL THE TIME.

I am not naïve. I’m aware that this has been…

Don’t ignore the scale — but never trust it, either.

Don’t be too reliant on this asshole! Photo by the author.

Weight loss tends to be noticeable in several ways, both by you and people around you.

· You feel lighter and better

· Your clothes fit better

· You move with greater ease

· Your face thins out

· Belts need to be worn a notch or two tighter

· Overtaxed joints have less pain

Yet even with all these indicators — we tend to still pay attention to one more. Often, it’s the one we give the most energy and attention to.

The scale.

When any or all of the above are true, and both you and people around…

What if it’s not success we truly seek in life — but satisfaction?

The author feeling satisfied with life. Photo by Michelle Olson

I have been on multiple quests throughout my life.

Along the way, I have sought a place to truly call home. Not just the location. The notion of home — where I am rooted and meant to be. Though still a bit vague — I have found that.

I sought a career. There were many different job ideas that I pursued. Radio DJ, theatre, graphic arts, journalism, customer service, tech support, marketing, retail — I’ve worked in all these industries. But always I circled back to writing. That is the career I desire. …

As any flavor of artist, you get to choose your own adventure.

Photo by Murray “MJ” Blehart

When I was a kid, there were these books called Choose Your Own Adventure. You’d read up to a point — and then you got to choose from a couple of options. Then, you turned to the appropriate page to read the outcome of your choice.

Funny thing is — life is, when all is said and done, a choose your own adventure book. Everyone chooses what their life’s adventure looks like.

Artists choose an adventure where they share themselves to inspire, empower, enlighten, and generally impact the world around them. The forms this takes are wildly variable but familiar.

New day, new options, new choices — what will I do?

Sunrise over the Grand Canyon 2/12/07. Photo by MJ Blehart.

When I woke up this morning, I had a choice.

Focus on the problems, concerns, issues, and various negatives in my life.

- Or -

Seek, find, and/or create options, solutions, potential, possibilities, and positives.

Choosing positivity over negativity cannot be in denial nor disregard for negativity. That’s how toxic positivity comes into being. This is about approach, intention, and action.

But before I get into this, there is an elephant in the room not to be ignored:

Shit happens.

Lots of things are happening in the world that are upsetting, disconcerting, scary, and distracting as hell. One of the…

How you address non-binary characters matters.

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Non-binary peoples’ day was July 14 th. The subject of people who identify as gender non-binary has been rather prominent of late because some people don’t understand.

I am no expert, as I identify my gender with my sex (cisgender male). However, the long and short of it is this — whatever sex organs you were born with, the gender you identify yourself with is a choice. Some people do not identify with the gender tied to their sex organs. Among them, some people identify as neither male nor female — thus, non-binary.

How does this impact my life or…

But you can control how fear impacts you.

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Long ago, fear was a necessary response to protect us.

Human beings, when we were hunter-gatherers, needed to avoid predators like all the other animals on the planet. Fear told you to run and hide to survive.

As we evolved to become arguably the top of the food chain our fear also evolved. But that evolution moved from tangible to intangible fears.

Fear is not just an emotion. It’s a combination of emotion, instinct, thought, and subconscious wiring without a clear definition.

Tangible fear is a reaction to danger. The unexpected cliff you reach on a hike, the roar of…

But being imperfect equals room for change and improvement.

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One of the hardest things to admit to is being wrong. Being imperfect. Making poor choices and bad decisions.

EVERYONE does this. There is nobody who is perfect because perfection, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. What might be perfect to me could be flawed to you. That’s the nature of the beast.

This is why we always have room for improvement. But admitting to that remains important.

Why? Because if you don’t admit to your imperfections you make it impossible to remove, change, alter, or otherwise work with them.

Life is all about experiences. Some are…

Murray "MJ" Blehart

I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain. http://www.mjblehart.com

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