2 Applied Guidance for Mindfulness Self-Awareness Tools

I’m sharing 2 easy-to-use tools for mindfulness and self-awareness.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
3 min readApr 15, 2022

Here are 2 Applied Guidance for Mindfulness Self-Awareness Tools
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As part of my recently revamped podcast — Self-Awareness for Everyone — I’m including tools at the end of each episode to use for applied guidance for mindfulness.

Below are 2 recent tools that I shared.

Applied Guidance for Mindfulness Tool 1

Do you have something that’s been hijacking, sabotaging, or otherwise invading your thoughts and feelings?

This week’s mindfulness tool takes that thing in your head you would very much like to let go of and applies an action to that end.

Here’s how.

  1. Write it all down — on paper. Whatever the thing that you would like to let go of is — get the whole thing on paper. Put your heart and soul into it, whatever it is. Write, don’t type this. Get all the feeling attached to it, and every last detail past and present related to it onto that paper.
  2. Read it. Aloud. When you read it give it all the thought and feeling like you’re pouring water from a pitcher.
  3. Destroy it. Tear it to shreds, set it on fire, or do something else literal and cathartic to destroy it as completely as possible.

You can do this for more than one thing separately or put many things down. I tried this myself recently and the release that came with the action felt amazing.

Applied Guidance for Mindfulness Tool 2

This is an ongoing practice that is incredibly practical and utterly freeing.

When you make a mistake, screw up, get something wrong, err, or otherwise fail — own up to it. Be accountable.

While you cannot undo, redo, or otherwise alter the past — if there is something that you did not take responsibility for then — you can do it now.

In either case, here’s a good tool for practicing accountability:

1. Write it down/type it out. Whatever the situation was — especially if it went wrong — write it down. Put it there, on paper or on the screen. While it might suck and be bad — odds…

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