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About 3 weeks ago, I developed a knot in my left shoulder. It was annoying, but I tolerated it.

Then, one night, something shifted and popped. Since that time, the pain moves around my left shoulder blade, sometimes running down my left arm, other times up the left side of my neck.

Some days it seems better and less annoying. But then there are days like today where it’s distracting and exceptionally unpleasant. Ibuprofen sometimes has some impact — but now is not one of those times.

For the record — I see my doctor in less than a week.

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A great many limits we see in this world are artificial.

Someone decided to create a line. That’s the limit. No crossing it.

In reality, the limit is utterly artificial. It’s not a true limit, it was created by someone for one reason or another — good or bad.

Because of the creation of artificial limits, we end up with false beliefs in lack and scarcity — where none exist. This is especially complicated when we get into intangibles like time, love, and so on.

Even when it comes to tangibles, some limits are artifice. Money, jobs, resources — nearly…

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The only person who can truly know me, in-depth, is me.

This is because there is nobody but me here inside of my head, heart, and soul.

No matter how much I connect with anyone else — in any way, shape, or form — I’m still the only one in here. The only person capable of getting at my motivations, recognizing my beliefs, values, and habits is me.

I know that to some people that seems awful lonely. But as I have worked to reconcile this over the years, I’ve gained massive insight into myself. …

Books I’ve created — shelved rather badly.

I love being a writer. This is the thing I have always believed I was meant to do in this world.

But being a writer — like any other job — is not the whole picture.

There is far more to me than just being a writer. It’s only one aspect of my comprehensive self.

For some, identifying with their job overall is a thing. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, athletes, etc. I think one reason for this is because of how much time and effort goes into acquiring those jobs.

For creatives, it’s just as easy to go down this same…

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Nobody has a life that is utterly fair or easy. Everyone has good days, bad days, amazing days, godawful days, and everything in-between.

When it comes to my life, all I can control is me. That means I can take charge of my life experience, how and what I think, feel, intend, and act upon. Things can, will, and do happen that will cause me to think and feel in certain ways at certain times. But overall, I have control over that.

What does that mean? For example, if I get into a car accident, my immediate, visceral reaction might…

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Have you ever read a book, watched a TV show or movie, and come across something so implausible that it ruined the story?

Lots of fantasy and sci-fi are built on largely impossible things. Superheroes aren’t real, faster-than-light travel violates current physics, most people can’t do flips in mid-air from flat ground, and so on.

I was taught that much of fiction is based in the idea of suspension of disbelief. In many instances, this is easy because the story/show/film offers just enough credulity to keep you engaged.

But then, sometimes, it fails. When that happens, you might still accept…

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There is some seriously messed up stuff happening in the world right now.

Almost all of it utterly lacks kindness, compassion, and empathy.

Rather than be inconvenienced at all — COVID deniers and antivaxxers are keeping the pandemic ongoing. Their lack of empathy and kindness towards anyone else is hurting all of us.

Texas passed a truly horrific anti-abortion law, complete with a dangerous whistleblower component. There is zero kindness, compassion, or empathy for women and their body autonomy in this horror.

The GOP is doing everything they can to suppress voters, gerrymander districts, evade all accountability for the January…

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I’ve been fighting to get in shape all my life.

I was the fat kid in my group. Never super roly-poly or utterly round — just fat. I’ve carried an oversized gut for as long as I can remember.

While I can be quite sedentary — I’m a writer, after all — I’ve still always been active.

I learned to swim when I was 2. As a teenager, I was an avid cyclist riding a 12-mile route regularly, an MS 150 from Minneapolis to Duluth, and a 400-mile trek around Novia Scotia. In my early 20s, I took up medieval…

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For most of my life, the opinions of others have been of the utmost importance to me. I’ve sought approval, recognition, and generally being liked.

More and more, though, it’s become increasingly evident to me that this doesn’t matter. At least, not in the way I tend to emphasize it.

What do I mean? The short answer is that the opinions of others are not what makes MY life. My life belongs to me.

That’s an oversimplification. Allow me to elaborate.

Many people in my life care about me. Some are family, some friends. …

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Whatever you are writing — words matter.

The English language is messy. Someone I know described English as the language that takes other languages into back-alleys and shakes them down for loose grammar.

Because English is how it is, many different words can be applied to convey this, that, or the other thing. Some words are simple and direct while others are more nuanced.

For example — happy. This is a word that everyone knows. But happy can be expanded upon. Words to take it to the next level include ecstatic, joyful, glad, content, jubilant, thrilled — and many others…

Murray "MJ" Blehart

I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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