The brain weasels lie about everything. I am going to put them in their place.

This was an excellent weekend for me.

I got to see a close friend receive a well-deserved accolade. As part of that, I got to spend time with other friends — an in-person gathering with people I only get to see a couple of times a year.

People I have not seen in at least 15 months.

The positivity of that experience is immeasurable. I am an ambivert — which, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is an introvert with extrovert tendencies. …

Communities are important for people who live inside their heads.

Many artists — particularly writers, painters, sculptors, woodworkers, and the like — mostly work solo. What we do is inside of our heads — and the product of that are the articles, books, paintings, statuary, and various other creations we produce.

When you largely work on your own, it’s easy to get lonely and feel like nobody understands you. Let’s face it — everyone is unique, of course. But those who choose to professionally practice their art are specifically unique.

What does that even mean? In a society that both encourages achievement and frowns upon diverging from the “norm”, choosing…

I am not who I was for good or ill — which is my choice. This truth is good because it recognizes change.

There is only one constant in the Universe: Change.

Change is always occurring, sometimes so infinitesimally slow that you cannot see nor fathom it. Other times it’s so swift and sudden that it can leave you shocked.

But change is constant.

The question is — how do you handle change? Some people resist it with every fiber of their being. Others will embrace change. Some people embrace some change and resist other change. And some people will do their damnedest to force change — sometimes for good and sometimes for ill.

Change may or may not be within your control…

Diet, exercise, life — sustainability is the key

I have been on the diet yo-yo since I was a kid. All my life I have been overweight to one degree or another.

Over the years, I’ve tried various forms of diets, exercise routines, and combinations of both to get the weight off. Despite success at various points, I’ve thus far always managed to slip. It wasn’t long before not only had I put the weight I lost back on — but topped it with another 10–20 pounds.

Now, the new practice I am currently undertaking is not simply focused on my weight — but also on the underlying…

I’ve written this before — and will write it all again.

In pursuit of living my philosophy, I have written the same things over and over again.

Despite the fact I’ve written this before, I know that I will write it again. And that’s simply because it bears repeating.

This applies to the following ideas/notions/concepts:

  • Consciousness creates reality
  • Mindfulness is conscious awareness of your sensory input as well as your thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions
  • Change is the only constant in the Universe
  • The only thing I can control is myself
  • You choose positivity or negativity every day
  • There is no One True Way
  • There are always choices
  • Self-encouragement is recognition…

Workspace maintenance is important.

I have yet to meet an artist who doesn’t have at least some clutter in their workspace.

Some of them are necessary tools. Cooks have pots, pans, and utensils lying around; artists have scattered brushes, paints, solvents, and canvases; writers have notes, inspirational baubles, and the like around their desks.

Sure, there are exceptions to this. But I know, at least in my experience, when I am super-focused on my work, the maintenance of my workspace takes a hit.

For me, that means that paperwork from mundane matters gets piled on the desk, I neglect dusting, and disorder and chaos…

Never underestimate the positivity simple tasks can create.

When it comes to goals and the things we are working to do for our lives, they tend to be large.

These are not necessarily just the uber-achievement, huge-money-making large. These are also the not-instantaneous, multiple steps required large. Like building a business, evolving a relationship, or writing and selling a novel.

When you’re pressing towards such a goal, it’s easy to get caught up in the work that goes into it. It’s also easy to feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. This can be particularly complicated, and even frustrating when the goal requires outside matters.

If you have…

Choosing to be a professional artist has some unique challenges.

All my career choices have been artistic. In one form or another, I was bound to be a professional artist.

I am in no way bragging here — but I have a few different artistic talents and skills.

It started with writing. At age 9, I wrote my first complete sci-fi book. It was 50 pages and illustrated.

Next came music. I love to sing. In high school, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take voice lessons. This honed my 4-octave range and helped me become a very solid baritone.

Then it was theatre. I loved performing…

Accountability empowers where judgment disempowers.

It’s easy to pass judgment on others.

You see it all the time. Scroll through social media and read the comments on virtually any topic — and you see judgment. There’s always someone offering to pass judgment on how people do this, that, or the other thing, choices made or not made, and everything else under the sun.

I can’t do anything about that. Everyone has their own opinion — and I can’t alter, change, or make it for them. This is outside of my control.

But I can choose judgment or accountability for myself. This begins by recognizing how…

How I overcame a life-changing, bad situation for the better

It was November 30, 1999, and I had to mail out my bills. I decided — since it was a lovely sunny day — to walk, rather than drive, the quarter-mile to the post office.

I frankly don’t even remember this. But I am pretty sure that’s what I was thinking.

During the trip, in the process of crossing the busy highway between my apartment and the post office, I was struck by a car. Again, I have zero memory of this, or frankly, most of the following week while heavily sedated.

This was, I’m sorry to report, a hit-and-run…

MJ Blehart

I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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