I firmly believe that yes, creative work makes the world a better place.

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Everyone can be a creative.


But there are all kinds of messages in the world at large belittling, disempowering, implying, and outright saying creativity is a waste. That’s probably why so many schools cut art and music programs before anything else.

Yet the reality is something very different. Creative…

Why not focus on positively changing your mind for the better?

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Spending any time at all browsing social media can be infuriating. Any encounter with news sources — legitimate or not — can be disheartening and depressing.

Between the ongoing fight with the COVID-19 pandemic, seriously disruptive and destructive politics, entitled people being awful, and various other world events — it’s…

It’s too easy to see the world as being on fire. But gratitude can extinguish the flames.

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The last two years have been insane. Not for me, per se — but on the scale of the Big Picture of the world.

Between Trump, COVID-19, ugly social injustices, discrimination, surreal entitlement, blatant lies from many of our so-called leaders and “news” networks, and the seemingly never-ending stream of…

Murray "MJ" Blehart

I explore mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & write sci-fi & fantasy. http://www.mjblehart.com

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