And Now For Something (Kind of, But Not Entirely) Completely Different

Something different for me and my writing/publishing game, at least.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
6 min readSep 12

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As I’m sure you’re sick of reading by now — I started writing sci-fi when I was 9 years old. Wildfire is a 50-page, illustrated book you will never read.

After Wildfire, I started but didn’t finish a few other projects. Then, at age 13, I typed The Secret Computer World. (This was 1985, people. Typing a story on a computer was a bit of a novelty, still). You’ll never read this 36-page, single-spaced book, either.

In High School, I won a prize for a technothriller short story I wrote called Secrets Withheld. Like the above — you’ll never read this, either. Partially because I got over technothrillers after my teens.

Over the years. I’d go on to write in fits and starts. A few words here, a partial story there.

Then, bored during work one day, I wrote a scene. It featured a sorcerer doing sorcerer things — not too unlike many other sword and sorcery stories. Eventually, this would lead to , the first novel of my Source Chronicles fantasy series. For the record, the scene I originally wrote only appears — in part — in the finished novel as a flashback.

I tried for a very long time to go the traditional publishing route. I submitted queries to multiple agents, open-to-submission publishing houses, and the like.

Then I received a lot of form letter rejections.

Then I discovered CreateSpace. This amazing avenue to self-publishing — and putting your work on Amazon — led me to build and publish a dozen+ books for Kindle and paperback for sale on Amazon. CreateSpace no longer exists — but was folded into Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Having my work available has been great. Yet as large as Amazon is — they are not the only game in town.

Recognizing this, I’m taking a step into a larger world.

Expanding my reach

I had the opportunity to start an eye-opening correspondence with another indie author. She mentioned to me how she noticed my distribution was not broad, and limited to Amazon.

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