Are You Being Kind and Supportive?

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Being kind and supportive towards others is a sign of strength.

Somewhere along the way, this has gotten lost. From the highest offices in the land to the poorest poor, we have become more uncertain and unkind towards strangers.

All too often, people keep to themselves. But more than that, they are unwilling to reach out to other people for various reasons. Whether it is their intent or not, their actions or inactions come across as lacking empathy and kindness.

In other words — don’t be a dick.

Why is this such a complicated and difficult concept for people to grasp? When you are kind and supportive of others, you lose nothing. In truth, generally speaking, you gain, because likely someone is grateful or appreciative of your gesture.

That, right there, is the rub. Sometimes, people do not show and for acts of being kind and supportive. Or worse, they demean them in some way.

Hold the door open for the next person behind you at the convenience store? Saying “thank you” or a grunt of acknowledgment is nice. When, however, you receive a “I can do this myself” or something equally disconcerting, you feel a fool for your action.

Smile at a stranger passing by? A smile in return is a pleasant acknowledgement. However, receiving a “What’s your problem?” or “What do you want?” doesn’t feel so good.

Buy someone a gift of some sort? “Thank you” is appreciated. When you are told it’s not something they wanted, or could they trade it for something else, you feel unappreciated, and displeased.

When these negative reactions happen….and they will…the can cause us to be less willing to be kind and supportive to others. Maybe keeping to ourselves is less distressing.

Being kind and supportive is good for everyone

The truth is, expressing kindness and support towards others actually does us good, too. How? By opening us up to positive energies, in addition to more empathy and understanding.

Though similar, empathy and understanding are different ideas. The former is feeling, whereas the latter is mental. You can feel empathy without understanding, and understand without feeling empathy. Both together, however, allow us to better connect with one another in this world.

We live in a world where division is emphasized in order to empower some while disempowering others. Worse than that, many of those under the of their own power divide and disempower to further their own agenda, which is usually born of fear and beliefs in lack and scarcity.

Why else does Trump use the idea of the “other” in order to scare his base into believing that building a wall will protect them? Does anything else explain why some men strive to keep women under control through denying forms of birth control to paying them a third less than men? Bigotry, fear of the LGBTQ community, racism and the like are all borne of this fear that there is an insufficient amount of…well, pretty much anything and everything we can conceive of.

Yet in truth, this is a lie. The Universe is made of , and there is more than enough good for everyone. One expression of this truth is being kind and supportive of other people. It makes a clear statement that there is plenty, and we are sharing it.

When we share what we have, in especial intangibles, we create more to share. That is the Law of Attraction. That is how . Like attracts like.

Being kind and supportive spreads abundance

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Yes, there are going to be people who do not see your act of kindness and support as altruistic. They believe, for whatever reason, that you want something in return. Too many stories of this sort of thing makes people jaded towards acts of kindness and support, in especial from strangers.

Yet knowing this, it is still in everyone’s best interest to be kind and supportive, because it will generate more kindness and support. Many of the people in the world today are suffering almost exclusively due to lack of kindness, support, empathy, sympathy, trust and understanding. Most of the artificial divisions between people exist based almost entirely on this.

In a recent episode of The Orville, an entire class of a world’s society was kept down because they were believed to be inferior due to the time of their birth and astrological sign as such. Even among themselves, acts of kindness and support were rare, in especial when they were told they were prone to violence.

Yes, this is a fiction, but it is still the reality for many people in the real world today. How many normally reasonable people believe that Muslims are violent, Mexicans are lazy, and black people have criminal tendencies? Or, on a more impersonal scale, global warming is a lie, trickle-down economics works, and the Earth is flat?

It is easy to scorn people who hold beliefs we see as unreasonable. In especial beliefs that hurt other people or lack scientific or common sense merits. To show them kindness and support feels disingenuous, and like a betrayal of our own beliefs. But when they are rude, being rude in return will just continue the pattern.

Be kind and supportive to strangers in little ways

This does not require anyone to lie or to be phony. Saying please and , holding open doors, letting an impatient driver merge in front of you costs you nothing. Don’t scorn the people whom you disagree with. All that will do is reinforce their belief that they are right to feel they are downtrodden, scorned, or otherwise disadvantaged.

Being kind and supportive doesn’t mean being fake. It just means we need to think before we speak, post on the internet, or otherwise interact with our fellow human beings. When we think, feel, and act on being kind and supportive, in any way, we draw in more kindness and support. I think the world can use as much of that as we can create right now.

When you interact with other people in the world, do you strive to be kind and supportive?

These posts are ideas for, and my personal experiences with, walking along the path of life to consciously create reality. I share this journey as part of my desire to make a difference in this world along the way, and empower myself and my readers with conscious reality creation.

Originally published at on January 30, 2019.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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