Be Part of the Solution

With mindfulness, it’s easy to be part of the solution.

There are a LOT of problems in our society today.

These include social issues, wealth issues, entitlement, false equivalencies, power trips, an overwrought “us” versus “them” mentality, and lots more.

Are there solutions to all these problems? Yes. However, they are often not easy, will take time to create and implement, and seem outside of your reach.

Each of us is empowered to make choices and decisions for our lives. Hence, you get to decide if you are going to be part of the problem, neutral, or part of the solution.

For the record — I firmly believe that taking neutrality in the face of most modern social issues only adds to the problem.

Opposing something you are against is one thing. But if there is no reason or logic in your opposition — what do you gain by it? For example — let’s say you are straight and oppose LGBTQA+ rights. Why? What harm do you believe will come of greater equality? Realistically, can you provide a position with a logical reason to it other than religion, morality, or another false equivalency?

Further, if you stand in opposition with no solution — what’s your point? The Republican party has been trying to take down the Affordable Care Act (which is, admittedly, horrifically imperfect) for years. They’ve opposed it a whole lot. And what have they offered in its place? Nothing. No solution, just opposition. But I digress (and don’t want to turn this into another debate on politics).

You and I are faced with daily choices and decisions to be for or against problems or solutions. To make the best conscious choices requires mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness

When you practice mindfulness, you put yourself firmly in the here-and-now. That’s because mindfulness is conscious awareness of what’s both within and without — in this moment.

Mindfulness paves the way to the inner paths between your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

This begins with awareness of your sensory input via your six senses. Additionally, conscious awareness of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions.

Your inner being is divided into three parts. The unconscious, subconscious, and conscious.

· Unconsciousness is that which you do purely automatically. Overall breathing, swallowing, digesting, and similar things your mind and central nervous system do unaided.

· Subconsciousness is where your habits, beliefs, values, and overall sense of self exist. It is subconscious because you CAN access it — but largely don’t. Subconscious is passive, doing things by rote and routine.

· Consciousness is here and now. It’s your inner being, specifically your mindset/headspace/psyche sense of self. Conscious is active, choosing and deciding things in the moment.

While you have virtually no control over your unconscious mind, you have total control over your conscious mind. You can use that control in the moment to find and/or create solutions.

When you practice mindfulness, you take control. Thus, you empower yourself not just to see and be inundated by the problems of our society — but ways to find and/or create solutions.

Further, I believe that practicing mindfulness causes us to make more choices and decisions about things rather than being neutral. Why does that matter? Because neutrality can lead to complacency — and complacency is how you get fascist government, inequality, uncaring leaders, and opposition with no solutions.

Be for instead of against

Our society tends to focus on being against this, that, or the other thing.

For example — the war against drugs, standing against hate, fighting against racism.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not — it IS a law of nature. Like attracts like. Thus, if you are against something — and focusing on that thing you’re against — you attract more of it to you.

I am NOT in any way, shape, or form arguing that we should ignore these things. Not at all. But when we see the things that we dislike in the world or about our society — to empower and change things we need to be FOR instead of against.

I can stand against racism all day long. BUT — how does that solve the problem? If I stand for equality — that’s a solution. When I stand for equal pay for all, equal rights, defunding and retraining police forces, health care for all, and other solutions — that is a creative force.

Mindfulness informs you of how YOU are approaching a given topic. Thus, if you’re in opposition against something — you can choose to stand for something else instead. By putting the focus on what we DO desire instead of what we DON’T want — we best employ conscious reality creation.

Also — when you stand against something with no solution to the problem — you’re inadvertently contributing to the problem. For example — for every person who votes in an American election — one person doesn’t. By making no choice they offer no solution. That empowers nobody.

I get that people prefer to not give offense in numerous ways. But taking a stand and choosing a side is how we get solutions to the myriad number of problems we face. Standing FOR something solves a lot more than standing AGAINST something.

Be part of the solution

You get to choose to do something to impact change. While it may feel like you’re powerless to alter the collective consciousness — you’re not.

Every single person and their consciousness goes into the collective consciousness. Many of those “in power” prefer you and I disempowered. That’s because they know if we are empowered, we don’t need them all that much, if at all.

When more of us seek out and/or create solutions individually — it influences and impacts the collective consciousness. Thus, when I look for and share solutions to the problems — if you choose to see and share them as well — others you know might do the same. In that way, we create a ripple effect that builds empowerment.

Mindfulness focuses within. But when you have that inner focus it’s a lot easier to see with clarity all that’s without. And, knowing yourself, you can see if you are part of the problem — or part of the solution.

The choice and decision, ultimately, is yours. Simply lamenting and standing against societal problems without a means to change, fix, or otherwise alter them keeps them going. Standing for solutions to the problems offers hope, tools for change, and a means to build for the better of all.

When you choose to be part of the solution that can help others be part of it. Each light alone is powerful against the darkness. As those lights come together the darkness gets banished.

Finally — there is ALWAYS a solution. When you practice mindfulness, it gives you the clarity to find or create it. That empowers you. And when you are empowered — you empower others.

With mindfulness, it’s easy to stand for ways to alter and change the problems and be part of the solution.

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