Be Your Own Knight in Shining Armor and Save Yourself

You have the power to save yourself from anything and everything.

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  1. More people are asymptomatic than they know. Social distancing/self-quarantine protects those with weaker immune systems in many ways — more than everyone else.
  2. Government policy and the economy will not dictate how long this will last. People of science and medicine are who to take your cues from.
  3. You will not be destroyed by a lack of social interaction.
  4. The economy will not be irreparably damaged by this. Changed, yes, destroyed, no.
  5. Life on the other side of this will be changed — but you have the power to determine how that will impact you.

I am not disregarding the expertise of assistance from others

When you get sick, really sick, or badly injured, medical professionals can, will, and do help you. When I got hit by the car 20+ years ago it was doctors and nurses that gave me a baseline that allowed me to recover as thoroughly and totally as I did.

Mindfulness to save yourself is not selfish

Too many people look outside of themselves for help. They allow the influence of demagogues and supposed leaders to dictate the direction of their thoughts and many of their actions.

Be kind, be courteous, be genuine

It is far too easy as this situation goes on to get angry. People will point fingers, try to find someone or something to blame. The continued isolation of social-distancing and self-quarantine goes against most people’s need for interaction with others. That can and will take a toll on your psyche.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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