The human condition can be thoroughly amazing, but you get to choose what that means.

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Congrats on being human!

Manual not included.

Also, tech support is seldom, if ever, available. Even if they are, most of the time they speak a language comprehensible to a very select few people — and they tend to get it wrong.

You have this great machine comprised of mind, body, and soul, and no idea why it was made or exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Now what?

You have a few choices.

· Keep the machine pristine in its packaging.

· Use the machine minimally while you search for the manual and wait on hold forever for tech support.

· Make use of the machine as best you can, but just let it run and see what happens.

· Make use of the machine as best you can and learn its features and potential as you do so.

This is the human condition. You came onto this planet because. The why of the because is totally unique to you and you alone — and you might not have the foggiest as to what to do with that. Many of the inner workings of the human machine are mysterious at best, while often frustrating and annoying. The lack of a manual or support can make you just want to give up.

Given the lack of a manual or support for the human machine, you get to choose if you will make use of it, or not.

Oh, and just to add insult to injury, there is no return on this machine. Even if you receive it flawed and broken, you have to keep it. You cannot trade it in for a different model.

But you can upgrade it. You can make some pretty cool customizations to it, from operating system to aesthetic features. And those possibilities are nearly endless.

Being human is not easy

Operating the human machine presents a lot of different challenges. Navigating the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects takes a level of expertise and experience that even a lifetime of machine operation might lack.

What’s more, how it operates today may be very different tomorrow. The human being is constantly changing.

Human beings are complicated machines without instructions. What’s more, the purpose of these machines is also often a mystery. Yet the potential of these machines and all that they can do is not something to be ignored.

Every single day will present new opportunities, challenges, possibilities, absurdities, and more. No matter how similar, no two days are alike. What does not change is that you will always have choices and decisions to make.

One of the biggest matters to resolve with operating your human machine is risk assessment. Many of the things we can do with the machine involve the possibility of damage of some sort or other. The mind, body, and spirit are all vulnerable to this. Sometimes, even standard operation of the human machine can be risky.

Crazy, right? You have this breakable machine with no manual or tech support, that you have no choice but to operate on some level or other, like it or not. Even knowing it can be repaired, you know that it likely won’t operate the same, and that some damage can even reduce its usefulness on any number of levels.

The choice is yours. Which of the four options, or combination of options, will you go with? You have to pick at least one.

Life is all about the options

Stepping away from the metaphor, when you look at it really closely, being human is really amazing. No other animal on this planet, to our knowledge, has the ability to reason and create that we do. They all exist in much simpler terms, surviving and thriving by finding food, shelter, and mates in specific climates and environments.

Humans, on the other hand, can do and be all sorts of amazing things. We have tools at our disposal to connect us to the world around us; rebuild, replace, and repair broken bones and organs; the option of living in any climate or environment of our choosing.

As amazing as this is, and even with all the potential it represents, we frequently limit ourselves. Why? Because we have created beliefs in things like lack and scarcity, deserving and undeserving, worthy and unworthy, and other artifices to define humanity.

Some of these creations were probably the result of moving from survival of the fittest to survival of the wise, crafty, opportunistic, smart, savvy, and whatnot. When the physically weakest amongst human beings could use their mind and soul to survive, I think in response to their previous lack of empowerment they responded in kind by disempowering others.

Every single human being has potential. You and I have different desires for what we want our lives to look like. What I desire is neither greater nor less than what you desire. By the same token, neither of us is less or more worthy and deserving.

Being human can be lots of fun

The human machine is capable of some incredible experiences. We have five physical senses that let us explore the world around us, as well as other less tangible senses to understand things. We get to develop all kinds of impressions about any number of matters, ideas, and experiences available to us.

The most important thing to consider here is this: You have one shot at this. How do you want to experience this thing called life? Do you prefer to approach with caution, take few chances, and just let things happen? Or would you rather see what all is available to you, and make the most of this unusual machine?

Being human can be a lot of fun. The choice of how to operate this machine and experience this life is entirely up to you. How do you work on being human?

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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