Can Abundance be Tied to Mindfulness?

In being mindful, we become aware of the truth of the reality that the Universe is abundant

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What is abundance, and how does it tie into mindfulness?

Abundance is, according to


1. an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.

2. overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.

3. affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.

Plentiful and affluent to the point of overflowing. More than enough.

The Universe is abundant. How do I know this? Because there is so much evidence pointing to it. When you look at the almost incalculable subatomic particles up to the uncountable stars, from the smallest objects in the Universe to the largest, it’s pretty staggering. Abundant is the only word to describe it all, because there is so much.

However, because ours is a fear-based society, one of the tools most employed to create and emphasize fear is the opposite of abundance: lack and scarcity. Rather than having more than plenty, there is not enough. This gets used to create fear by making people believe that various material and immaterial resources are insufficient.

When people think that there is lack and scarcity, they tend to hold onto what they have for dear life. Certain leaders spend a great amount of effort to reinforce and promote this. They use it to create problems that don’t really exist, so that they can offer solutions that also don’t really exist, but make them look like a savior. Follow this person, and they will take care of the thing, person, or situation withholding your abundance.

Of course, these are often the people who have created the lack and scarcity in the first place. Why? To get you, in your fear, to empower them — usually disempowering yourself.

Abundance and mindfulness

Being mindful is empowering. How? Because when we are mindful, we are more aware. Most of our awareness is about ourselves and what we are thinking, what and how we are feeling, and how we are acting. However, when we are more aware of ourselves, we become more aware of what is outside of ourselves, too.

Thus, we can better recognize influencers employing fear to disempower us. When we are mindful of ourselves, we can see more clearly how lack and scarcity gets used to instill fear and false control over people.

It is my belief that in being mindful, we become aware of the truth of the reality that the Universe is abundant. We can see that there is so very much potential and possibility out there, and that the majority of lack and scarcity can be overcome with some form of abundance or other.

Even if a resource truly does become scarce, something else can and will take its place. Ever hear of the gold standard? This based the amount of currency on the amount of gold. This was abandoned more than eight decades ago, replaced instead by currency created by a government order that became accepted as a means of payment.

Gold is a finite resource. But money in its various forms, created by governments, seems pretty damned abundant. So before we ever ran out of this resource, we switched to another, and one that is arguably inexhaustible.

Because of the power of human beings to create in this manner, can there ever really be lack and scarcity, unless we ourselves make it?

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Mindfulness and awareness are keys to abundance

To break away from the messages of lack and scarcity our fear-based society tends to parrot, it is up to us to be mindful. Only you and I can empower ourselves to take hold of what we think, how and what we feel, and intentional actions we take from there. In doing this, we gain the ability to see past the false lack and scarcity and fear, and recognize the vast abundance instead.

Yes, it is important to acknowledge here that there are resources that can and will become scarce. Certain things over time will cease to be abundant. However, it’s important to look at how a resource gets used. Do we really need this specific thing, or can we find or create an alternative?

Look at diamonds. The diamond market is based on an entirely unrealistic valuation created by a very powerful conglomerate. The people who control the diamond market want us to believe that they are the most valuable gemstone we can purchase.

Diamonds are easily synthesized. That’s why you can buy a diamond-tipped saw blade for as little as ten dollars. Yet a diamond engagement ring, which they will tell you is a more pure and perfect stone, can run thousands of dollars. Any lack and scarcity in relation to diamonds is false, an artificial creation on the part of a specific industry to maintain control.

Like this example, becoming mindful and aware of artificially created lack and scarcity will allow us to better recognize or create abundance.

Unfortunately, it often appears that accepting the fear peddled so abundantly about lack and scarcity is easy. That’s part of it, too. If we buy that success is hard and virtually insurmountable for all but a select few, consciousness creates reality, and look where we wind up?

Use mindfulness to seek and create abundance

When we see that much of the lack and scarcity we are presented is part of the fear many so-called leaders employ to disempower and retain control, we can also see options to do something about it. We can be mindful of what it may take to help those who are not otherwise aware to see the truth for themselves.

But, and this is really important, they have to be willing. If they are dug in and convinced that they are right, even if we can easily prove they are mistaken, as Carl Jung said, “What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.” Offer them something to resist, and they will just dig in further and buy it even more.

This is why we need to be mindful for our own sake. When we act in our own best interest, we can become better examples for people who have bought into the fear. If you and I work on abundance, either finding or creating it, or both, we can escape the lack and scarcity and fear.

Mindfulness of abundance can help attract more abundance to us. Sometimes it may look almost impossible, but I for one am pretty convinced it’s worthwhile nonetheless.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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