Can Mindfulness Lead to Greater Empathy, Love, and Kindness?

Empathy, love, and kindness are part instinct and part intent. Mindfulness helps to direct it.

The vast majority of lack and scarcity in our society is bullshit. It’s totally artificial and made-up. Most of the things that are lacking or scarce can be replaced, substituted, or simply require a shift in mindset and perspective.

This can be both tangible and intangible. For example — money. Money, currency, is completely made-up and artificial. Don’t believe me? How many people don’t even carry physical cash on them anymore? You don’t need it to represent having money.

The government can utterly manipulate the numbers to “make” more money. If they actually gave a shit about you and me, instead of these half-assed stimulus checks, they’d offer a Universal Basic Income around $2k a month to get people contributing to the economy again.

Where would that money come from? The same made-up non-existent ethers it ALWAYS comes from. It is only lacking and scarce because those in power use it to control the rest of us.

But tangible, material things like money are not the only place where artificial lack and scarcity exist. They are also evident in the intangible.

Kindness, love, and empathy all come to mind. We talk about them being in short supply or lacking. But that’s simply not true. They are abundant and available for everyone.

You have infinite kindness, love, and empathy

Because your subconscious mind is frequently bombarded by negativity and messages of lack and scarcity, this feels like a lie. If there were enough of these immaterial notions more people would use them.

A lot of people, however, are being fed a steady diet of fear. A great deal of the institutional fearmongering of our society is all about lack and scarcity. There is an “other” who wants you to suffer and keep you from what you are entitled to. It is up to you to negate, belittle, and keep the “other” at bay by any means necessary — or you will suffer.

What else explains armed protests over stay-at-home orders intent on protecting people from getting COVID-19? The “other” is keeping them down and must be resisted — lest the “other” take what they are entitled to away from them.

Like gorging yourself on too much food, too much fear fattens you up and becomes an impediment. Fear can be just as addictive as food, alcohol, drugs, and so on.

How do you counteract this? Mindfulness. Mindfulness draws your attention out of your subconscious and into your conscious mind. That awakens you to see what you are thinking, what and how you are feeling, and the actions and intent behind them. When you become present as such you become capable of taking back control if it has been lacking.

Maybe I am naïve, or too optimistic — but I believe that, deep down, most people are kind, loving, and empathetic. Unfortunately, because critical thinking tends to be neglected or outright de-emphasized as part of our fearmongering culture, many are incapable of seeing this.

You have infinite kindness, love, and empathy to give. Mindfulness can open you up to that.

Putting mindfulness into practice

To become aware of your mindset/headspace/psyche via mindfulness, you just need to ask some simple questions.

· What am I thinking?

· How am I feeling?

· What am I feeling?

· What am I doing?

· Am I doing this because I desire to do it?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask to gauge your awareness. It is a matter of being in the here-and-now, present in the moment, rather than buried in your subconscious where outside influence can have a greater impact.

What does that mean? Spend any time on Facebook and you will be utterly inundated by negativity about politics, the handling of the pandemic, lack of this and scarcity of that, and so on. Unchecked if you do not practice mindfulness, they will plant seeds and take up root in your subconscious.

That, in turn, will cause you that back-of-your head unease, distress, and other negative feelings. I don’t know about you, but I feel that odd, discomfiting sensation in my chest that I can’t put my finger on — and it bugs me and causes distress. Mindfulness opens me to finding just what that is and dealing with it.

Mindfulness is the action of taking control over your conscious self, rather than allowing your subconscious to do the driving. Asking any or all of the above questions puts you in the now, and makes you aware of your conscious mind. And that opens you to asserting influence and control over it all.

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are the only thing you can take total control over. It may not seem like much — but the truth is, it’s everything.

You have all the power you need

Your subconscious mind is near-constantly bombarded with messages of how little power and control you have. Like a sponge, most people unwittingly absorb it and take it into themselves.

Mindfulness wrings out the sponge. Being mindful lets you get rid of all that excess and choose where to apply the sponge now. Your mind, like a soaked sponge that doesn’t get wrung out, will develop all sorts of nastiness and become stinky when you don’t wring it out.

Let’s say you have a mutual acquaintance — whom you don’t know all that well — that certain people find off-putting. They frequently talk about how weird, annoying, and generally ridiculous they find that person to be. You also begin to think of this person in the same way as you get more and more messages to that end.

Then you meet that person. And you realize they are kind, maybe a little socially-awkward, but actually quite charming and likable. They resonate with you, and you form a different impression of them consciously rather than subconsciously.

Just like wringing-out a sponge, you have allowed yourself to absorb something new by your choice.

That is more powerful than most people recognize. Being in your conscious mind rather than your subconscious mind puts you in control. It empowers you to take charge and direct your thoughts, feelings, and actions as such.

Kindness and empathy are inherent traits

I believe that it is human nature to be kind and empathetic. Kindness and empathy, however, are products of abundance. Too many of those in power prefer that you and I see lack and scarcity in the world that only they (those in power) can change — rather than abundance available to all.

Thus, kindness and empathy become signs of weakness. If you are too kind and too empathetic you will be taken advantage of. The “other,” in particular, will rob you blind of all the things you are entitled to. Sound familiar?

The truth is that kindness and empathy are signs of strength. They empower you and those around you when you employ them. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. That is a law of the Universe that means if you are kind and empathetic you attract kindness and empathy to you.

Even if you find the oversold new-agey notion of the Law of Attraction to be bullshit — can you argue that kindness and empathy are not things you want for yourself? Since I expect that they are — doesn’t it make more sense to give kindness and empathy?

Lastly, can you answer these questions for me? Why wouldn’t you be kind? Why wouldn’t you practice empathy towards people? Do you like it when people are unkind and cruel to you?

You have abundant kindness, empathy, and love within you. Share them — and see how your feelings improve. That will improve your overall life — and the lives of the people closest to you, too.

How awesome would that be?

You are worthy and deserving of using your mindfulness to find and/or create the reality in which you desire to live. When all is said and done you and I matter, as do the love, kindness, and empathy we share.

I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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