Choose Amazing Traveling Companions

The quality of the traveling companions you choose can impact your life in many positive ways.

This weekend I embarked on an absolutely epic roadtrip. I and three of my companions drove over 14 hours to Nova Scotia, Canada — and back.

There was music, conversation, laughter, and a generally fun atmosphere throughout the long drive, and it was totally amazing.

The traveling companions you choose can make all the difference between an okay time and one that is incredibly memorable. In the moments that make up your life, it is never a bad idea to spend it with people who bring you joy.

The world is bizarre, crazy, frustrating, scary, and frequently infuriating. Things can and will occur far outside of your control.

While the only thing over which you have true control is your own thoughts, feelings, and actions, along that line you also can choose whom you spend your precious time on this planet.

There are people in your life who will be there throughout most of it, and others who will be by your side for a relatively limited amount of time. No matter the span, being with traveling companions that delight you and make you feel good is not just a good idea, but your choice to be made.

Misery loves company

When your traveling companions are sad, miserable, depressed, and constantly draining you it will draw more negativity to your life. However, when your companions make you happy, cheerful, satisfied, and constantly energizing you it will draw more positivity into your life.

That’s not to say that the people you travel with are nor should be great big balls of sunshine and light and laughter all the time. Everyone is going to feel down, unhappy, frustrated, and otherwise be faced with unwanted, difficult, and complicated situations at times. The question is one of whether you can uplift and support one another or if you take down and hinder each other.

Amazing traveling companions will work together to help one another through difficult times. They will work with one another’s issues of negativity and be supportive and empathetic rather than enabling and sympathetic.

My companions and I spent those hours together talking about things both deep and shallow, happy and sad, great and small. It was not time wasted nor just spent getting from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’. It was a time of connection and conversation where we came together and made one another better, stronger, and more encouraged.

I would take any epic roadtrip anywhere with these people again. Further, I will always remember this long weekend fondly, not just for an incredible time at a wonderful destination, but for the travel there and back again with equal fondness.

What sort of traveling companion are you?

Life is all about the choices that you make. While you get to choose what sort of companions you desire to travel with, more importantly, you can choose what sort of traveling companion to be.

You will experience every emotion you can think of in life because that is a part of human nature. You get to decide, however, if you will travel through life as a person seeking fortune or misfortune. It is up to you to decide if life is a bummer or boon.

When you choose traveling companions, what sort of companion YOU are is of equal importance. Thus, you should recognize how worthy and deserving of having incredible companions on your paths in life you are.

Life is full of wonder and possibility, and the companions you travel with are yours to choose. You get to decide if the journey of your life will be taken with people who bring you up or people who make you feel down.

I want to say thank you to the great companions on my journey.

Choosing your traveling companions isn’t hard — but it does require action

Knowing that you can choose the people you travel with in your life, you get to decide who they are and how you allow them to impact you. When you choose great traveling companions they can and will positivity impact you and your life journey in numerous positive ways, and that ultimately empowers you. When you feel empowered, your mindfulness increases, you become more aware overall, and that tends to spread to other people around you.

As such, you can build more positive feelings and discover more things to feel positivity and gratitude.

Gratitude leads to happiness. Happiness is the ultimate positive attitude. An attitude of gratitude is an attitude of positivity that begets even more good energies — and that, like you, is always worthwhile.

You are worthy and deserving of using your mindfulness to find and/or create the reality in which you desire to live. When all is said and done you matter, as does the companions you travel with.

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Originally published at on December 2, 2019.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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