Choose Your Battles Wisely

That means you can’t choose not to battle all the time, either.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
6 min readJun 22, 2020

It was pointed out to me recently that it’s a very male thing to make everything about combat.

I suspect that’s true. Let’s face it, wars have always been started by men. I cannot, for the life of me, think of any war that was started by a woman (maybe Cleopatra? Admittedly, I have not researched this claim). I am well aware that women have participated in combat and been leaders in battle — but I do not believe they have started a war.

Howsoever you approach it, there is a tendency to discuss matters of public or private discourse as battles, fights, combat, wars, and whatnot.

I am not, nor have I ever been, a soldier. While I have done a lot of study into warfare, strategy, and tactics (largely for battle scenes I’ve been writing), apart from leading many fencers in pretend-lethal melee combat — I am not a military man.

Perhaps it is due to my indoctrination into the expected societal norm that I also follow a combat analogy in how to approach discourse. I think this could be an excellent future topic to look into further. But for now, I digress.

When you are faced with a situation, whether broad, semi-personal or explicitly personal, you get to choose how to handle it. Ignore it or accept it, flee from it, or stand against (fight) it. The most important matter when it comes to such is how you will be capable of looking at yourself in the mirror, or in your mind’s eye afterward.

Your choices are to accept/ignore, to flee, or to fight

Even when two people agree on something, how they reached that point of agreement is likely not the same. Sure, it’s potentially quite similar, but it’s not the same.

They have each had unique life experiences, education, environments, influences, beliefs, and various other happenings that have colored them and who they are. When they can agree, that means that their current and present circumstances have aligned to bring to them to the same conclusion.

Because of those variations in education, experiences, environments, et al, it should come as no surprise when they disagree. Or…

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