Climate Change Is Too Important to Ignore

This really is a matter of life and death, people.

Climate Change Is Too Important to Ignore

Let’s just make this really really clear. It does not matter if you believe in this or not. It does not matter where you fall politically. Climate change is a matter of life and death.

You and I live on planet Earth. This is currently the ONLY planet that the human race occupies. If we do not protect the environment on this planet we will die.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States was created because of some extremely disturbing problems with air and water quality due to polluters. Let’s call this what it is — big corporations that produce awesome things to make our lives easier and better. But in the process, they produce waste products that, in the interest of profit, they would prefer to just dump and spew without filtration or any other safeguards.

Air and water are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to your life. Without air and water, you will die. Period. No air, no water, no life.

When the choice is profit versus protecting the one-and-only planet and our air, water, food supply, etc, this is a no-brainer. At least, it should be.

One world. You and I HAVE to live here. So why is it so hard to accept that we need to protect it? Why is this even up for debate?

Earth will go on — with or without us

There have been mass extinctions across the globe on more than one occasion. For example — when the dinosaurs died out, Earth went on. So it shouldn’t be too hard to believe that Earth will go on, even if we make the environment unlivable for ourselves.

This is such a total no-brainer, I cannot believe that we are having this debate in 2019. One Planet. Air, food, and water are how we live. Why is protecting this world so that we can live on it even a debate?

The ultra-rich, and I mean corporations and their billionaire owners, only care about their profits. But in the interest of that, they couldn’t care less about the damage they do. Won’t be their problem, they’ll be dead and gone long before the crisis could impact them.

AND, let’s call a space a spade, they will be able to afford to buy expensive air and water filtration systems so they and their families will live just fine while everyone else struggles. That’s the reality of this my friends. Rolling back protections for food and air and water is short-sighted, suicidal, and just plain arrogant.

Our space program, NASA, does not currently have a space-going vessel, they use private ships from companies like Space X. So getting to another Earth-like planet is not currently more than science fiction.

Right this moment, whether climate change is just a natural progression of time or being accelerated by man-made pollutants, it does not matter. We have the technology and the ability to protect the planet, keep our water and air clean. Opening up protected lands to drill for fossil fuels, fracking, and rolling back air-quality protections is just greed and arrogance.

Your wallet won’t feel this — yet

I will admit that I am not an expert, or totally in the know about the tactics being employed by those arguing against man-made climate change. But I do know that protecting the planet is not going to increase your taxes, nor is it going to dramatically raise the cost of food or other things.

NOT protecting the planet, however, will. When food begins to run short because climate change causes massive droughts; when clean water becomes a premium because of fracking and other industrial pollutants; when the air you breathe requires filtration to not make you sick, THEN you will have to pay.

NOW, to make these gigantic corporations take steps to filter and clean-up the pollutants they produce only impacts their ludicrous profit margins. And I do mean ludicrous.

Profit, in case this is not clear, is money above-and-beyond operating expenses. It goes into your pocket and can be spent on buying whatever you want. In the case of these mega-corporations making billions of dollars in profit, spending the millions it costs to not just dump and spew pollutants and toxins into the air, water, and soil is the equivalent of a gnat buzzing in your ear. Maybe a nuisance, but not a real issue.

Protecting the world we live in is nothing less than common sense.

Protect your home

This planet is the only planet we call home. This is it. So if we destroy the air, water, and soil in the name of profits we destroy ourselves. Protecting this planet and the resources therein really is a matter of life or death.

It does not matter if climate change is being accelerated by man-made matters or not. What does matter is that this is your home. Protecting the planet is no different than protecting the home you live within because it is the home you live within.

Do not allow the oligarchs, the billionaire profiteers, and the government agents in bed with them convince you that protecting the environment doesn’t matter — because it DOES.

It DOES NOT MATTER what you believe, because the reality is that if we do not protect the air we cannot live without, the water we cannot live without, and the soil where we grow the food we cannot live without, WE CANNOT LIVE.

That is the simple reality of this crisis, people. Do you really want to have to pay these ultra-rich self-righteous assholes more of your hard-earned money just to buy breathable air and drinkable water? Because that is how this will end up. And to some degree, that’s probably what they want.

You are empowered to do something about this. Demand that our leaders protect the one-and-only planet, the home, that we live on. Also, please do YOUR part to conserve and be mindful of how you treat the planet.

This really is a matter of life and death, people. Don’t be afraid, be informed, and let them know that you will not stand for destroying your home. Your friends, family, children, and your children’s children will thank you.

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