Do You Feel Afraid?

Why do we feel afraid?

Fear is a reflex, an instinct that is meant to protect us from harm. When we feel afraid, however, our minds are not very good at distinguishing if a fear is real or imagined. As such, that sense of dread and dis-ease is similar, whether we are faced with something tangible or intangible.

How do we not feel afraid?

Even though things outside of ourselves will evoke our emotions, we retain the ability to control them. Yes, initially the actions or inactions of another may make you feel angry, sad, frustrated, or what-have-you. But after that initial reaction, you and I have the power to change how we feel.

Can you see that you never need to be afraid of anything?

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Murray "MJ" Blehart

Murray "MJ" Blehart


I explore mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to help & inspire. And I also write sci-fi/fantasy.