Do You Know How Capable of Mindfulness You Are And What That Means?

This is an important tool for you to empower yourself and create your life how you desire it to be.

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Messages about what you cannot do are everywhere. Some are direct and rather pointed, while others are subtle and even bordering on subliminal.

This is true whether you have any degree of privilege or not. Far too many messages in the world at large call out everyone but a very select few as being undeserving, unworthy, and not good enough.

They offer you solutions that will keep you disempowered. Follow me. Take only this path. Wear those clothes. Drive this car. If you don’t, it’s implied, if not outright stated, that you will continue to be small and insignificant. You’re not good enough to be anything more than a drone, a number, a nobody.

For the record, that is complete and total bullshit. You are empowered so much more than you realize. Those messages of lack and scarcity may come across as abundance in some sick and twisted way — but they are not.

This is an abundant Universe. There is not only enough of “x”, “y”, and “z” to go around, but there is MORE THAN ENOUGH. It is abundant because the Universe is infinitely abundant.

Even when a given resource runs out something else is there to take its place. Yet because the existing and known resource is an aspect of someone’s unreal power they want you to believe in its rarity.

The perfect example is diamonds. Diamonds are not scarce in the least, can easily be synthesized in a lab, and are only rare in any way because of an absolute monopolistic stranglehold on the market.

So what does all this have to do with mindfulness?

Mindfulness opens you up to awareness in the now

Mindfulness has become an overarching term used by both the esoteric and psychological communities. New agers have applied it to meditation, yoga, martial arts, and other practices for centuries while psychologists and other social scientists more recently have begun to explore its value.

Being mindful is both unbelievably simple and crazy-complicated at the same time.

Its simplicity lies in the definition of mindfulness: Awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions right here and now. Conscious knowledge of your mindset and headspace in total.

Its complexities lie in the practice of mindfulness: Much of what drives you and me today is fostered in the subconscious mind. To become conscious and work on being mindful of what you are thinking, what and how you are feeling, and the intentions of your actions require time and effort.

Time and effort tend to be contradictory notions in an instant-gratification quick-fix society.

All of the above-mentioned messages tend to drill into your subconscious. There, they plant seeds that often sprout up to become doubts, brain weasels, skepticism and cynicism. These, in turn, impact your ability to assert the control you have every right to for driving your life as you would prefer to.

Mindfulness takes the keys away from your subconscious. It is the tool to take back your empowerment for conscious reality creation and manifesting more of the things you desire to make the best of your life.

No matter where you come from, privilege, marginalization, or somewhere in-between — you are capable of mindfulness. No matter your personal point of origin, mindfulness is your tool for empowerment of yourself.

When you are empowered that scares “them” a lot

Frequently people talk about “they” and “them.” Sometimes that refers to obvious so-called leaders in business, government, religion and the like. Other times it’s about those unseen forces expecting you to be this, that, or the other thing.

More often than not “they” want you disempowered. Why? Because “they” believe that if you are empowered you won’t need them anymore. They will cease to be able to sell you any bill of goods, literally or figuratively. That will lessen their influence and ability to control your subconscious thoughts and feelings.

Truth is, they’re not wrong. When you are empowered you need them far less.

I used to be a collector. Not to the degree of being a hoarder, but damn did I own a LOT of books I would never read again, useless decorations and tchotchkes, memorabilia, souvenirs, and just general crap. Every time I moved it seemed like how much stuff I had to pack and take with me just got increasingly ridiculous.

The more I practice mindfulness the more I value things that are immaterial far greater than the material. Sure, there are useless things I keep for sentimental value or because I simply like having them for personal reasons. But I have donated a large portion of my books, discarded lots of the junk I have no need of anymore and am actively looking to remove more.

Mindfulness has helped me to see that the only thing I can control in this world is what is inside my head. That lets me also control the things I do, too.

After that, I can see there is nothing else over which I’ve any direct influence.

That is surprisingly freeing.

You can help people but cannot “do” anything for them

I can offer to assist other people in lots and lots of different ways. These range from physical to mental to emotional and even spiritually. But I cannot do anything for anyone else.

This is a quintessential aspect of mindfulness. I can help you out but I cannot influence, change, or control what is going on consciously inside your head, and vice versa.

When you stop trying to change other people you can do a lot more to HELP them make changes for themselves. Why? Because nobody can empower you but you.

Practicing mindfulness empowers you. It is the fuel for the engine that is you. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions make up your mindset, headspace, and the person you believe yourself to be. That works whether you are actively being conscious or allowing your subconscious mind to carry you along.

When you are not actively mindful you are still thinking, feeling, and acting. But when you’re not being conscious and aware of this, your subconscious mindset does the heavy lifting.

Your subconscious mind is easily swayed. Why? Because outside stimuli have dug into it and planted those seeds you would not likely choose were you being mindful of your consciousness. Your day-to-day routines and habits can carry you along with few incidents.

That is until something that has bored its way into your subconscious psyche resists an action, an idea, an opportunity for change that you desire.

The resulting doubts, brain weasels, deep skepticism, and distractions are from your subconscious headspace and mindset.

The best way to rid yourself of these — or analyze them for any relevant validity — is via mindfulness.

You are worthy and deserving of the empowerment from mindfulness

Whether you come from a place of privilege, marginalization, or somewhere in-between, you are worthy and you are deserving of empowering your life. You have every right to choose for yourself whatever is necessary for creating your life how you desire it to be.

Those influencers who try to influence and control your subconsciousness do not know you. They cannot dictate who you are — unless you allow them to.

Stopping that can be a challenge. But once you begin to practice practical mindfulness it gets increasingly easier over time.

Pause and ask questions to become mindful of your current conscious state.

What am I thinking?

How am I feeling?

What am I feeling?

What am I doing?

These and similar simple questions put you in an aware, conscious space and empower you. That empowerment allows you to take control over your mindset and headspace — the only things you can have total control over — and make any desired alterations or changes to your life.

Do you know how capable of mindfulness you are, and what that means? This is an amazing tool for you to empower yourself and create your life how you most desire for it to be.

Consider this well the next time you are feeling discontent and seeking to change your life in any way. An empowered you is capable of so many things — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are worthy and deserving of using mindfulness to find and/or create the reality in which you desire to live. When all is said and done you and I matter, and that empowers us to do virtually anything.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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