Does a Wide World Call for Wide Distribution?

I can’t see why not. But what does that mean?

Murray "MJ" Blehart
5 min readNov 28, 2023


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Once upon a time, stunningly not so long ago, there were exactly 2 ways to publish a book. You could do it via a major publishing house or vanity press for self-publishing. The former came with marketing and distribution. The latter didn’t. The latter also tended to be pricey.

Then, eBooks came into being, and a new option came with them. Genuine self-publishing with the distribution power of Amazon was a new way to get a book out into the world. I didn’t get in on this at that time, so I’m not sure if adding a paperback was also an option initially. However, CreateSpace — and then Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) — presented a free option for uploading an eBook and paperback to Amazon.

You, however, like the former vanity press option, are responsible for marketing and the like. No major publishing house putting your work into the world means you’re a one-person solo operation. In other words, you’re an authorpreneur.

Along the way, Amazon got competition. To be fair, it might have always had competition. But in the past few years, however, that has opened the way for wider distribution options that are free, relatively speaking.

Like KDP, you can upload your eBook or paperback for distribution to a wide range of options in addition to Amazon.

What’s more, this is increasingly not the only game in town. Still, it presents a choice for the authorpreneur as to where and how to distribute your work.

Free doesn’t mean zero cost

Having the option to upload an eBook, paperback, hardcover, and/or audiobook doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Also, just because the tools are free for use doesn’t mean there’s no cost involved in doing the work.

Unfortunately, some will do it all without considering the importance of the parts that do cost money. Specifically, this is editing and cover art.

Professional editing for your book is a must. No author is so good that they don’t need another set of eyes to look over their stuff. You can’t trust it all to spellcheck or the newer AI tools alone. Catching typos, contextual mistakes, developmental…



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