Does the World Need more Gratitude for Sustainability?

Absolutely. The world can always use more gratitude.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
6 min readApr 25, 2022

gratitude and sustainability go hand in hand. Thank you!
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These are, I believe, the three most powerful phrases anyone can employ:

All three are empowering. Each of them is an ultimate generator of conscious reality creation. And all three can create positivity and good feelings both for you as the speaker and those who you share them with.

Whatever follows I am generates incredible manifestation power. Said with conviction, I am can make or break you. I am amazing creates your reality in exactly the same way I am worthless does. And from that statement, your interactions with other people — and how they react to you — gets created, too.

I love you tends to get overloaded, misdirected, and thus misunderstood. But love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love is far deeper than romance or interpersonal relationships in general. It is the rain on the grass, the bees pollinating flowers, the sun rising and setting every single day. When you express love with I love you — inside or outside — it’s an amazing manifester of your life experience.

When you say thank you and express gratitude — real, genuine, sincere gratitude — you empower. This is not just about that which you are giving thanks to or for — but yourself.

Being grateful and stating that gratitude builds bridges within and without. Gratitude, and thank you, is the ultimate tool of empowerment.

I cannot overstate just how powerful saying thank you and being grateful can be.

Thank you is a two-way street

When you do something for someone — big or small — how does it feel to get told “thank you” for the action?

Have you ever watched someone else’s face light up because you thanked them? Gained cooperation and a better relationship with someone because you thanked them?

Giving gratitude is just as powerful as getting it. And there is no other force in the entire Universe that has such power. This is why thank you is one of the three most powerful phrases you can employ.

Murray "MJ" Blehart

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