Every Individual Makes Up the Greater Good

The people of the world and the reality of the collective consciousness are made-up of the sum total of each individual.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
7 min readJun 25, 2020


You are unique. There is nobody like you in the world, even if you have a twin.

Physically, you may bear a resemblance to someone, share a hairstyle, dress similarly to another person. You can pretty easily make yourself into an almost perfect physical twin of someone with your same basic body-type.

Almost perfect. There will, inevitably, still be variations.

Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, no two people are alike. On every single internal level, though there may be similarities, you are unique and different from every other person on Earth.

This is because there is and can be nobody else inside your head. The only person in there is you. Ergo, only you think, feel, make choices, and decisions for you. There is nobody else who can do that, you stand unique and alone.

Every single choice or decision, grand or minuscule, impacts you and your life. From what you eat for breakfast to a lifetime relationship you get into — each choice will produce an effect.

Whether you are completely conscious and mindful of this or not — you know this. Every culture has its own approach to individuality and the collective whole. Whatever the approach might be, each individual makes up the greater good.

We are all puzzle pieces

Each piece of a given puzzle is unique. It has its own image or portion of an image within it. Some link together and others do not. Some are on one side of the puzzle, while some are on the opposite side. There are pieces on the edges and pieces in the middle.

Individually, some puzzle pieces appear unusual and do not seem to fit anywhere. But in the end, together, all the pieces form a single image.

That is a perfect analogy for the collective consciousness. All the individual bits and pieces of varying forms, shapes, and sizes come together to make up the whole picture.

The world is not a single puzzle. It’s many different puzzles. The United States…



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