Faith, Mindfulness, and Reason

Though separate tenets — faith, mindfulness, and reason go hand in hand in hand to empower you.

I believe that conscious reality creation is how life unfolds. Along this line, though, the subconscious mind — if not supplanted by the conscious mind — does the driving and reality creation otherwise.

But I don’t want to just address how applying consciousness to create reality empowers you to let you build life as you’d desire it to be — but more importantly, how it empowers you every day.

When you are not practicing being conscious and aware, here and now, your subconscious is driving the bus. That sometimes means you will be driven off cliffs you’d otherwise steer clear of.

You have more power to control your destiny — or in the everyday, your life experience — than you probably realize. But because we live in a fear-based world with too many messages of lack, scarcity, insufficiency, and excuses to fear the “other” — it can overwhelm reason and cause people to abandon their conscious awareness for the subconscious.

That’s how seemingly normal, reasonable people do ludicrous things and follow the whims of terrible people. It’s how people accept Stockholm Syndrome and keep supporting politicians and business leaders who are actually abusers and captors.

You are empowered to not be a victim. You have the power to control your thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions, and life experiences. Yet there are lots of counterfactual messages that tell you otherwise.

To empower yourself, you need to have faith, mindfulness, and reason. All these together make you whole, connect your conscious and subconscious mind, and give you control.

Though they work together when it comes to empowering you, they are separate tenets worth individually exploring more closely.


Faith, for many, is a dirty word. It sparks images of, as Jen Sincero calls it, “rah-rah churchiness” and the like.

Faith, in this context, is not about religion. It’s about belief in the unseen, in potential and possibility. But most of all it’s about faith and belief in yourself.

For example, I know that writing is what makes me happiest. I love sitting down to create ideas in fiction or nonfiction and share them with the world.

Since 2013 I’ve published 11 books on Amazon. Number 12 will be out in less than a week. They are a mix of fiction and nonfiction. While they have earned me some money over the years, they are not earning me enough to live off.

Yet. I have faith that this IS my purpose in life and that I am doing what I should be doing. And it makes me feel good — so I am pushing forward.

From 2013–2019, my publishing was sporadic. Nine books in six years. Then, in 2020, I published 3 books.

For 2021, I will be publishing 6 books That’s based on my faith that this is who I am and what I’m meant to do.

I have faith in my abilities as a writer. But not blind faith.

That’s why I practice writing constantly. There is always something more to be learned. You have faith in what you do but recognize you don’t know it all and that it’s a work in progress.

This is where the tenet of mindfulness comes in. Blind faith lacks mindfulness. Hence why you question the steps you take in any pursuit and examine the way — rather than blindly stumbling along towards a given goal, intention, or achievement. Your faith is thusly not blind and disconnected from reality.


To ultimately be empowered requires mindfulness.

Mindfulness is conscious awareness of the here-and-now. That awareness informs your inner being — mindset/headspace/psyche self — of your place in the present moment. This bridges the chasm between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is where your beliefs and habits live. They are what inform your perception of reality and where its base exists. Mindfulness opens you to not just have this be as it is — but control, change, and alter it as you desire.

This begins by being aware and conscious of sensory input. Your five senses — taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing — in combination with your sixth sense — empathy, compassion, and other extrasensory perceptions — show you the world at this moment.

That, in turn, informs your thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions. All of which interconnect with your inner being. That’s how you become truly aware and conscious of your life, your environment, the experiences you are having. And with that, you can change, alter, influence, or otherwise assume control of them.

Mindfulness is how you are best empowered because it’s how you are best aware.

But this doesn’t address the last important tenet of empowerment and conscious reality creation. Specifically, reason.


Reason is the ultimate weapon against fear. It informs you as to whether you have something to fear — or are afraid of fear.

As FDR famously said,

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

More often than not, what we fear most is the potential for suffering, unhappiness, and various other bad things. We fear the fear, which is on closer examination kind of ludicrous.

How does this work? For example, let’s say a loved one has told you “we’ve got to talk.” This can cause you to fear that they’re upset about something, and that upset will cause them to leave you, and it’s really going to hurt a whole lot and you’ll suffer tremendously as a result. That can impact your sleep, effectiveness at tasks, and overall anxiety.

In my experience, 9 times out of 10 it’s not even close to that bad. You fear they’re going to have a reason to abandon the relationship — when all they want to do is address your habit of leaving socks everywhere.

Applying reason to fear can help you see — before it spirals out of control — that it’s not going to be as awful as you worry it could be.

No, you can never avoid bad things. And sometimes fear is totally legit and saves you from awfulness. But reason is how you can determine the difference.

This was a lot easier when most fears were tangible. The lion threatening to eat you is a legitimate fear. That you will suffer an irreparable injury from a break-up is not along the same danger level.

Faith, mindfulness, and reason work together

When it comes to empowering yourself — and/or finding, creating, and recognizing your power — faith, mindfulness, and reason work together.

For example, I have faith that writing is my jam. Any fears that I will be abandoned by the people I care about in this pursuit are kept in check via reason. Mindfulness of what I am practicing — and that awareness of my thoughts, emotions, and doings inform my choices and decisions every day.

Together, faith, mindfulness, and reason help me to live my life as I most desire to.

To be fair and honest — yes, I recognize I have a certain degree of privilege in my existence. I am grateful for this and work hard not to abuse it or allow it to blind me to those who are not in a similar position.

Faith, mindfulness, and reason apply to all. But your experience is not going to be the same as my own, and while I can empathize with the life experience of others disparate from my own — I acknowledge that I don’t, can’t, and won’t truly know them.

But I can do my part to help others recognize and employ faith, mindfulness, and reason for their empowerment. And that is why I share this with you today.

Finally — I believe in you. I have faith that you can use reason to overcome fear, practice mindfulness to consciously create reality, and develop faith and belief in yourself and your power. When you are empowered, that reflects out and helps others be empowered.

Together, the more of us who find empowerment, the more good we find and/or create for the world overall. What begins with you and me can change the wider world for the better.

How do you practice faith, mindfulness, and reason?

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Thank you for reading. I am MJ Blehart. I write about mindfulness, conscious reality creation, positivity, and similar life lessons.
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