Finding the Good in Bad Things

Even when things look really bleak, we can still find good in them.

We are living in interesting times, though in many ways it’s like the Chinese curse.

There are a lot of people who seem hell-bent on messing with social order, let alone taking away good things for people in the name of politics and money.
Yes, this is mostly a pretty terrible thing.

And yet, there has been good to have come of it. People are taking more notice, taking more action, and striving to have their voices heard. We are seeing effort participating in the dialogue, and maybe from there, we will see a positive change of it.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind. If we focus on the bad, and we focus on anger, and the things that are negative out there, we will draw more of them to us. That’s the way conscious reality creation works. What you focus on, think about, feel about, and act on — you bring out more of.

It’s far too easy to get caught up in this madness. What terrible thing did the President say or Tweet today? How much further will Congress erode our democracy? What is North Korea up to? If we give this our attention, we energize it, and that will only amplify it, and draw more of it to us.

While it’s hard enough to not let national and international matters steal our attention, what do we do when we have more personal negativity to contend with? What can we do to find good things in problems we are encountering on a more direct level?

Is there good to be found?

There is always something good to be found in bad things. Flat tire on the way home from work? Maybe that kept you from being part of a far worse accident. Lost your job? Perhaps it was not a great job for you, and now you can get something better. Family member dying from cancer? When they pass, they will no longer be suffering.

Jen Sincero, in You Are A Badass (I CANNOT recommend this book enough), writes about the notion of exploring unexpected and unwanted situations by stating, “This is good because” and taking it from there. Yes, there will be times this is more of a struggle than not, but that doesn’t lessen its power to change how you are thinking and feeling.

I am in no way advocating for denial of bad feelings. We are only human, we are going to have experiences that make us feel bad, and that we would rather not endure. Everybody gets broken up with, loses a job, fails a test, gets injured, loses family and friends due to anything from disagreements to death.

You are going to have miserable experiences. Full stop. However, when this happens — if you dwell on them, keep your focus on them and let them dictate further emotions, you are more likely to gain additional bad feelings similar to them.

Another issue with modern society is our tendency to not bother with accountability. We love to blame, pass the buck, to make excuses rather than take responsibility. You hurt me and you made me feel this way and you make me so angry are all-too-common statements. Without a doubt, other people can be the catalyst for our feelings, but only we can feel them for ourselves.

Focus on that which you can control

This is a matter of mindfulness. You cannot do anything about what our government is doing, except to write letters, make phone calls, attend protests, and vote in elections. You can spread awareness about injustice, but if you are wholly focused on that negativity, you will only get angrier and draw more ways to feel angry, frustrated and negative overall.

The challenge is to be active, do something productive and constructive, but keep the focus on that which you can directly affect. I can share my own thoughts, try to persuade you to my way of thinking, but I cannot control how you will feel. Period, end of story.

You and you alone feel what you feel. Nobody else is in your head but you.

That being written, it’s important to tighten your focus and take an approach to work with the things you do have control over. Our individual corners of the universe may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but they are the only aspects of life we have total control over.

Mindfulness is about becoming aware of what you are thinking and how and what you are feeling. This is not the simplest idea, and there are challenges and obstacles and curves along the way. Yet rather than letting life happen around you, you are capable of choosing to take charge and be aware of those things you can control.

We have no control over anyone else’s life choices. This is why it’s important to be more aware of our own lives, our own existence, and to focus on working with what we have to make the best of the lives we are living.

This is Good Because…

…you get to choose. This is Good Because you can find almost any path you desire and take the journey of your life upon it. Consciousness Creates Reality.

I want to manifest the most joyful, amazing, fulfilling life I can. I am not a slave to anyone else, I am not beholden to anyone but me when it comes to my feelings.

Yes, it is important to be aware of what’s going on out there. You need to be aware of this world to participate in it. But there is a line between being aware and being overwhelmed, and it is so, so easy to cross that line.

Be the best you that you can be. Do whatever it is that makes you feel empowered, the happiest, the most accomplished that you can.

When you experience unpleasant, unwanted and negative things in life, you can choose to process them and let them go; or you can hold onto them and let them dominate your life, and draw more similar negatives to you.

You are far more powerful than many would want you to be believe. We are all creators, and we are all capable of manifesting incredible things. Try to keep that in mind the next time you despair.

What good can you find in bad things you may be experiencing?

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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