Getting into Your Element

Getting into your element involves finding and entering a positive place to recharge your mind, body, and spirit.

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Everyone has a place or places that they like to go to in order to reset. I am not talking about taking a trip or vacation, or even a huge amount of time. No, this is all about discovering your element and spending time there.

What is an element?

For me, my element tends to be the outdoors. I love hiking, the feeling of the sun on my skin, a breeze touching my face, and the sound of running water. If I can find a trail beside a fast-moving stream or river, I am home.

This is the place where I feel most able to unwind. Release tension and stress and find my calm and center. Even if I cannot find all of the above-mentioned aspects of an element, just getting outside is a step in the right direction.

This is not the only element I like to go to. Getting into the water — river, lake, pool, or what-have-you, calms me. I don’t need to swim laps, just floating in the water feels reinvigorating.

That’s the key about finding and getting into your elements, whatever they may be. These are places where you connect your mind, body, and spirit, and are able to recharge them. Reset them. Give them a space to find calm and peace.

It tends to be easy to find places that are good for the mind, or body, or spirit. But an element manages all three at once. Even though we can disconnect these from time to time, it’s important to acknowledge their overall connection. Thus, finding your element(s) to recharge them.

Your mind, body, and spirit connection matters

I know a lot of people who will tell you they are tired. No matter how much sleep they get, still tired. This is because sleep is about the body, not the mind or spirit.

Human beings are made up of all three of these aspects. The body is the meat-popsicle you run around the planet within. The mind is your headspace, where you hold all your thoughts and feelings. The spirit, however, is the indefatigable, ineffable aspect that is your energetic core, running far deeper than mind and body.

The spirit tends to be the hardest aspect of ourselves to nourish because it is the hardest to comprehend. But without this aspect of ourselves, we would be incomplete. All those things you can’t put your finger on or describe about what makes you, you, tends to be a part of the spirit.

When you get into your element, it tends to be a place that feels right, but not emotionally, per se. It goes deeper. There is a sense of connection, of perspective that tends to be almost impossible to explain, but just seems perfectly right. That is how you know what an element of yours may be.

Finding your element and going into it opens your mind, body, and spirit to their strongest connection. When they are all together, they can be healed together. Cleansed. Most able to recharge and reset alongside one another.

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Three elements equal one you

Water is made of three parts. One part is hydrogen, one part is oxygen, one part is hydrogen. Water is not water without all three elements. Water is only water IN its element, because of its relative simplicity.

Like water, you are made of three elements. Though you can exist with an imbalance of the three, you cannot do so comfortably forever. That is why finding your element and strengthening the connection matters as much as it does.

Humans can and do exist outside of their element because of their incredible adaptability. But that doesn’t mean you should not return to it when you can.

Getting into your element involves finding and entering a positive place to recharge your mind, body, and spirit. It may only be for a few minutes, or a few hours, but any time in your element(s) is time well spent. When next you feel disconnected or out-of-sorts, find and get into your element for at last a short time, and regenerate yourself.

Finding positivity in your element not hard, but it does require action

Knowing that you have had a chance to rest, recuperate, and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit by spending time in your element/elements, you can seek them out to strengthen the connection. When you relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, it improves your total wellbeing, which ultimately empowers you. When you feel empowered, your mindfulness increases, you become more aware overall, and that tends to spread to other people around you.

As such, you can build more positive feelings and discover more things to feel positivity and gratitude for.

Gratitude leads to happiness. Happiness is the ultimate positive attitude. An attitude of gratitude is an attitude of positivity that begets even more good energies — and that, like you, is always worthwhile.

You are worthy and deserving of using your mindfulness to find and/or create the reality in which you desire to live. When all is said and done you matter, and that’s tremendous positivity in-and-of-itself.

Here are my Five Easy Steps to Change the World for the Better.

Originally published at on August 19, 2019.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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