Getting Rid of Brain Weasels

Removing those negative thoughts that tell you everything will go wrong

Brain weasels are random thoughts running around in your head telling you that you are no good, insufficient, unimportant, and unable to succeed. They can be vicious and will chase one another around. They often manifest as anxiety and insecurity. These are out-of-context and random emotions, and they are total liars.

What does that mean? When I am thinking about something, I frequently see not only the angle I wish to take, but alternatives that are both good and bad, and all kinds of possibilities. Because of this, I frequently find it difficult to manifest precisely what I wish to.

I woke up the other morning feeling anxious. I realized quickly what was causing my anxiety, but even knowing that I found it very hard to move past it. It was right there, making my heart pound, causing me to breathe too shallowly, feeling all uncomfortable, and I couldn’t shake it.

I still maintain that we are able to control our feelings…but this takes a lot of practice. This can be a pretty daunting task. I know that what I am feeling is not what I want to be feeling, I am aware of what I am feeling and where it is coming from, so now I should be able to change it.

Of course, it is seldom that simple. This is even more challenging when, for the most part, you have previously just let your emotional states be. Getting them under your direct control takes a whole bunch of conscious effort, and that can be complicated, too.

Random emotions running around like brain weasels in your head are particularly hard to control.

Carried along by the patterns

It is amazingly easy to just be drawn through patterns. In particular when you have a relatively established daily routine. Get up, go to work, work at work, go home, eat dinner, watch TV, read, go to bed, repeat tomorrow — or whatever your typical day looks like. While you are partaking of your routine your subconscious often has control, and that can lead you precisely where you don’t want to be.

So what? If, while you are at work, you pause to check social media, and you read about the ills of the world, or you are chatting with friends or coworkers and start talking about some negative issue, or you really would rather be anywhere else, your subconscious is likely taking you to a negative space. And, that will impact the reality you are creating.

All of the books on The Secret or The Law of Attraction or any other iteration of conscious reality creation say the EXACT SAME THING: Like attracts like. However, your current reality, as you are experiencing it, is actually a reflection of your past thoughts, feelings, and actions. Get stuck in the present reality, and surprise surprise surprise, you will find yourself with MORE of the same.

Brain weasels represent overwhelm

Controlling your thoughts and feelings ALL THE TIME is nearly impossible. This is why brain weasels seem to follow one after another. A past that has created present often feels like the present to us. Due to this, we create the same for our future, even though we want something different. But, if we try ‘x’ maybe this will work, but maybe not, because we tried ‘x’ so now maybe we try ‘y’ and…

Round and round you go. SO — how do you break the cycle? How do you stop the weasels running around in your brain?

I wish I knew. I am working on this very question right now.

Despite knowing that consciousness creates reality and that my current reality is just the product of my past thoughts, feelings, and actions; despite knowing that I can and have created consciously my reality before, I still get distracted by the weasels chasing one another around my brain. How do I deal with them?

First and foremost, this is important to state:

Do or do not, there is no try.”

Yoda had it right if you try to do the thing, in all probability you are half-assing it. That, at least, is my tendency. Rather than trying to do a thing, I need to just DO the thing in question.

What’s the difference between trying and doing? Trying leaves room for interpretation, for excuses, for procrastination, and ultimately for failure. Doing, on the other hand, is bolder, more pointed, more direct, and while doing might lead to failure, you took an action.

How do I deal with the brain weasels?

There are some suggestions that I think can help you and me with coping with these unwanted, random, annoying thoughts in our heads.

First — I need to BE AWARE of them. I can’t ignore them, I have to acknowledge them, and see what it is they want. How do I deal with them if I am disregarding or ignoring them, and I don’t understand what it is they are being so weasely about in the first place?

Second — Address them. Being aware is the first step, addressing them is the next. Asking why my brain is being weasely needs to be followed by action. What do they want? And, how can I get there?

Third — Let them go. I became aware of them, I addressed them, now I need to let them go. All too often the reason the brain is being weasely is that we are mulling something over and over again. We are chewing on regret or the potential results of a decision or choices we made or didn’t make or what-have-you. If I let go of them, they can go away and stop chasing each other around in my head.

Fourth — Repeat as necessary. If you are like me, this recurs from time to time. Knowing that we can work on improving quieting the damned rodents rather than letting them drive us crazy as often as they do.

Now that I have worked through this — all that remains is to DO IT as necessary. Hope you can make use of this, too.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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