Here Are 3 Applied Guidance for Mindfulness Tools for You

I’m sharing 3 new easy-to-use tools for mindfulness and self-awareness.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
4 min readSep 30, 2022

I’m sharing 3 new easy-to-use tools for mindfulness and self-awareness.
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As part of my podcast — Self-Awareness for Everyone — each episode concludes with practical, easy-to-use tools for applied guidance for mindfulness.

Below are 3 of the most recent tools that I shared.

Applied Guidance for Mindfulness Tool 1

From — How do We Stand Up to Fear and Uncertainty?

This 8-step tool is for identifying and addressing specific fears and related uncertainties.

First, you need to recognize and acknowledge the fear. Getting to the root of your fear is an ancillary of the real issue that can come later. Choose a fear or something making you feel deeply uncertain that you can identify — and recognize and acknowledge it.

Now you can work to address it. This can be done via the following steps:

1. Set aside 5 uninterrupted minutes

2. Begin with 1 minute of slow, deep breathing.

3. Be present and mindful by asking yourself

a. What am I thinking and feeling?

b. How am I feeling?

4. Write/type out your fear or uncertainty. Get as detailed as you can with it.

5. Write/type the worst-case suffering scenario you can imagine

6. Read it aloud. Recognize how the suffering you fear is likely worse than anything that might come to pass.

7. Thank it for protecting you. Then bid it adieu, farewell, bye-bye, or whatever.

8. Finish with 30 seconds of slow, deep breathing to center yourself.

This can be repeated multiple times for the same fear/uncertainty or different ones. But this could be a great way to clear space in your head for logic, reason, and balance.

Applied Guidance for Mindfulness Tool 2

From — How do The Arts and Things of Beauty Impact Self-Awareness?

This one is wicked simple.

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