How are Diet, Exercise, and Mental Health All Tied Together?

Diet, exercise, and mental health equally contribute to overall health, wellness, and wellbeing.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
5 min readJan 19, 2023


diet, exercise, and mental health each contribute to your overall health, wellness, and wellbeing
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Mental health gets too little attention.

Because we treat mental and emotional health as secondary and less important than physical health, they’re easily neglected. The irony to this, though, is the huge amount of importance mental and emotional health play in physical health.

If you break down wellness and wellbeing into physical health, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health, it’s much easier to see the need to balance all. Why? Because the physical — which gets most of our attention when it comes to health — is only a quarter of the full picture.

Inside your physical body are your mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Thus, when they suffer, eventually physical suffering will result, too.

Maintaining a proper diet and sufficient exercise isn’t just a physical act. It requires will, too. Ergo — mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Let’s explore further how they’re all tied together.

Diet and exercise aren’t just physical

To alter your eating habits, you’re required to make choices. Decisions are constant about what, when, where, how, and even why you eat. Fast food? Cut and chop veggies? Vending machine? Midnight snack? Eat in the car? All choices and decisions that are part of your diet.

Everybody knows that stress, time crunches, people, and numerous other factions impact your diet. Some choices that you make along the way are influenced by outside matters.

Because of this truth, diet is partially mental and emotional. It can also be spiritual if you’re dealing with a crisis of faith. Whatever the case might be, it’s not simply eating better and healthier — it’s a whole mental and emotional process. Without conscious awareness — and thought and feeling — you cede any and all control and eat mindlessly.

Similarly, exercise isn’t purely physical. It involves choices and decisions that are mental and emotional. Thought and feeling goes into when, where, how, and…



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