How Are We More Capable via Genuine, Non-Toxic Positivity?

Genuine, non-toxic positivity opens us to empowerment, potential, and possibilities.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
7 min readSep 19, 2022

Genuine, non-toxic positivity opens us to empowerment, potential, and possibilities
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Unless you live under a rock, no doubt you feel that the world has gone slightly mad.

I could provide lots of examples here — but it’s not necessary. Our fear-based society seems hell-bent on providing more reasons every day to feel uncertain, concerned, distressed, and generally negative.

This means that every day we get to choose if we’ll let the fear-base in the collective consciousness of the world dominate us.

Or not.

Combatting this is easier than we think. But it goes against the grain, and because too many of our so-called leaders prefer us as disempowered as possible — lots of false narratives exist around positivity, self-care, self-assurance, selfishness, and everything else about our individual selves.

The truth is that we are ALL more capable via positivity than we believe.

Before I dig deeper into my claim, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Toxic positivity versus genuine positivity

The idea of positivity has been thoroughly abused over the years. So abused, in fact, that whole swaths of the concept have become utterly toxic.

Just using the word “positivity” causes many people to cringe. Because the toxic version is just as bad as that which it intends to combat.

Why? Because toxic positivity and its proponents deny, neglect, disparage, and wear blinders towards negativity and even neutrality. They spew their messages of positivity in denial of all else — above and better than all else — and create a false narrative of negativity and neutrality as the bad guys.

But the truth is that there will ALWAYS be negativity. What’s more — we need it. The negative often is the impetus for growth and change. You see a problem, a negative, and something inside you becomes inspired to fix it.

Likewise, neutrality is a point that’s neither positive nor negative — but the initial state of anything and everything. Apart from the extremes on either end of…

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