How do I Release the Discomfort?

What steps go into centering and balancing?

Murray "MJ" Blehart
6 min readFeb 19, 2024


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Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses have common threads to them. They are comprised of elements of thought, feeling, and various blended and/or mixed emotions.

Though I can’t and don’t know for certain, I believe that everyone feels their feelings in different parts of their body. Sometimes it manifests as a buzzing in the back of your head. Other times, it’s butterflies in your stomach. Maybe you experience a sensation like a weight on your chest or shoulders. Whatever the sensation is, you know it’s mental/emotional/spiritual and intangible, despite the tangible sensation it produces.

One of the most disturbing sensations that this can produce, for me, is discomfort. This manifests as a sinking feeling in my chest, a knot in my stomach, and/or a general sense of wrongness. Part of that is because there are times that it manifests when there is nothing I am consciously upset, anxious, or otherwise feeling negative about.

Yet, there it is. For example, as I am typing out these words, the sun is shining on me. I love sunlight. I swear sometimes that I’m a solar battery, and sunlight does, in fact, charge me. Yet despite the comforting sunlight, I have an uncomfortable sinking feeling in my chest. As if something is wrong, there’s a problem at the edge of my consciousness that wants my attention. Yet I am not able to discern it.

How do I release this discomfort? I believe that there are three distinct steps to process this.

The first step is to identify, recognize, and acknowledge the discomfort.

The second step is to practice active conscious awareness — i.e., mindfulness — to analyze the subconscious connections and what my current approach is.

The third step is to take action to release the discomfort via mindfulness.

Step One — Identify, recognize, and acknowledge

The subconscious mind is an amazing, multifaceted construct. Within the subconscious are your beliefs, values, habits, and memories. These things just are, they exist and sometimes rise to the surface and touch your consciousness unbidden.



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