How Do We Reach — And Then Leave — A Plateau in the Things We Do?

Plateaus are an unfortunate reality of everyone’s health, wellness, and wellbeing journeys.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
6 min readJul 14, 2022

How Do We Reach — And Then Leave — A Plateau in the Things We Do?
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Have you ever tried to lose weight, get into better shape, and reached a point where you seemed unable to advance?

Did you ever try to build a new habit, and in the process reached a point where you got stalled, and couldn’t seem to progress?

Have you ever tried to learn a sport where drills to build better muscle memory help you improve — but you reached a point where you seemed stuck?

These are all examples of a plateau.

Whatever it is you might be attempting to work on or do, odds are that along the way you’ll reach a plateau. There comes a point where you just get stuck and can’t seem to advance.

For example — I have been actively working to get in better shape and lose weight. For several months now, the same number shows when I (intentionally infrequently) step on the scale. That’s a plateau.

Another example — I have a friend who has been doing the same medieval fencing game as me for 20 years plus. They reached a point where their overall inherent and learned skills seem to have been placed on hold. They get no worse — but neither do they improve. They have been at this place for years. That’s a plateau.

In my experience — reaching a plateau in your health, wellness, and wellbeing journey is the norm. But how does this happen — and what can we do about it?

How do we reach that unwanted stopping point?

First, we need to recognize and acknowledge that a plateau is a stopping point we reach — but don’t desire to reach.

But how does this happen?


To change anything at all, or to develop a new skillset, we need to find, create, and build new habits.

A large swath of the things we do in our lives is habitual. It becomes rote and routine and automatic as such.

This is extremely useful. Since mindfulness — conscious awareness — is not our natural state of being, doing things…

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