How Do You Live Your Truth?

No matter what your truth is, you are worthy and deserving of living it

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Life is not meant to be an endless, dull, unpleasant routine. Each and every one of us is capable of much more. Because we have the ability to think for ourselves, and are empowered to use this however we desire, just about anything is possible.

Look at how drastically the world has changed in a century. A hundred years ago very few people had cars, there was no transatlantic flight, no satellites, no cell phones, no computers, no microwaves, and a lack of many other aspects of modern life we take for granted. Somebody had an idea, which led to the technology, which got us where we are now.

You are capable of similar creation. Perhaps not as grand, but that doesn’t lessen your ability to create. Recognizing this can help you to see that there is more to life than the expected, standard routine. Your truth is unique, and you are worthy and deserving of living it.

I acknowledge that your truth might be to live the societally expected routine. You may find contentment and satisfaction in a nine-to-five job, homeownership, raising a family, and other expected trappings of our modern culture. If this is your truth, and you are content, more power to you.

I suspect, however, if you are reading this, odds are this is not your truth. It’s certainly not mine. Corporate America and I have a less-than-loving relationship. Working nine-to-five and living a standard life are not now, and never have been, my truth.

No matter what your truth is, you are worthy and deserving of living it.

How do you know your truth?

This is, you will be unsurprised here I am sure, a matter of mindfulness. You need to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, and then the subsequent actions you take from there. Awareness of your self will be how you can find your truth.

Your truth is what it is you desire for your life. Odds are it is not a single thing, but many things. Each of these things can be applied at different times, such as hobbies, time spent with loved ones, and so forth.

Let’s look at a particular elephant in the room. On average, people spend about eight to twelve hours a day at work. If, like me, you are not programmed for the nine-to-five routine, the kind of work you desire, the truth of what you want to do, is unique.

It may also, as such, be a little more challenging to find.

For example, as a writer, finding paying gigs can be challenging. But this is my truth. I did not acknowledge it for a long time, but now that I have, it is beyond question.

But this can be a real challenge. Knowing what you DO NOT want to do can actually be easier, for some, than knowing what you DO want. I was in that boat for quite some time.

Part of why was due to denying my truth for myself. I started writing when I was nine years old. But, because I totally bought into the idea that writers do not and cannot make money, I didn’t pursue this for a couple decades.

Ironically, most of what I did pursue ALSO wasn’t a money maker.

What are you really after?

We are told in our culture that we need to be a productive member of society. There is, more or less, a set definition of this. The chain looks something like this:

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There are expectations of timing in this, and when you do not meet them, many consider you to be…off, shall we say. You are not living up to the “norm” that is expected of you.

The thing is, if the things in this handy-dandy chart would make you happy, then by all means DO THAT. If this is your truth, and it is what makes your life worthwhile, totally go for it.

If, like me, this is NOT your truth, the obvious question to ask is Why Not?

Sure, there might be a long and complicated answer, but if you are like me, there is also a short and simple answer:

This truth does not make me happy.

And there’s the rub. What are you really after? Contentment. Satisfaction. Ultimately, happiness. Because really, isn’t that why we do most of the things we do? We are looking to be happy.

That is the truth I believe everyone is really after. Despite messages to the contrary, we are all worthy and deserving of this. You do not have to be anyone special, nor come from a privileged group to live your truth. It is a matter of thought, feeling, and action.

You are worthy and deserving of living your truth. Do not be afraid to be the best you that you can be, even if it is a non-standard lifestyle. Take it one day at a time, be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, intents, and actions, and be true to yourself.

Believe in yourself. You’ve got this. How do you live your truth?

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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