How does Celebrating Our Sameness Empower and Build Positivity?

Celebrating our sameness bridges all the artificial divides between us

Murray "MJ" Blehart
4 min readNov 17, 2021

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The things that make us all similar — like our basic humanity and our universal desires for kindness, compassion, empathy, love, and happiness — are not something to be ignored. These things that we all share are amazing, and we should celebrate them.

We need to deemphasize our differences and the things that divide us. Then, we should make a bigger deal about our commonalities. Why? Because there is tremendous positivity in unity and our sameness.

We put too great an importance on physical differences like hair color, skin color, height, weight, and gender. Yet beneath it all, we have the same internal organs and skeletal structures. These meat suits we define ourselves by are just the vessels of our inner beings — our souls if you will. The substance beneath is a very different thing, and it is pretty amazing.

In the words of Yoda,

“Luminous beings are we — not this crude matter.”

Even more than our physical differences, we give far too much focus and attention to our intangible differences. This includes nationality, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliations, social status, and similar unseen identifiers. They are given so much power and attention — yet do not truly define us.

Don’t ignore the unique but celebrate the sameness

What makes us different makes us unique, and it is good to have qualities tangible and intangible to self-identify. But the things that make us the same, the desires we have for happiness, kindness, compassion, empathy, and love, are the ultimate generators of positivity.

The things that divide us, the differences between us, are so readily used to incite anger, violence, hate, and injustice. We look at different races, religions, genders, and sexual preferences and we are often given to fear the things that are separate about us. Too many of our so-called leaders weaponize fear so that they can divide, conquer, and control.

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