How Does Gratitude Help Extinguish the Fires of the World?

It’s too easy to see the world as being on fire. But gratitude can extinguish the flames.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
6 min readNov 24, 2021


The last two years have been insane. Not for me, per se — but on the scale of the Big Picture of the world.

Between Trump, COVID-19, ugly social injustices, discrimination, surreal entitlement, blatant lies from many of our so-called leaders and “news” networks, and the seemingly never-ending stream of awfulness — it sure as hell looks like the world is on fire.

Before you reflect on the above — take a moment and pause. Is YOUR personal life, your world, literally or metaphorically on fire right now?

I know it might be smoldering or threatening to spark up here and there — but I would hazard a guess that if you are reading this, YOUR world isn’t on fire.

Seeing the world as burning is massively disheartening. What’s more, it evokes a sense of sadness, ire, disappointment, and ultimately hopelessness.

I could point at numerous examples — but that will only fan the flames (real or imagined). So, instead, I would like to offer you a fire extinguisher.

Anyone can use this with zero training. Everyone can find and/or create this.

It’s gratitude.

Extinguishing the flames — real and imagined

If you are capable of reading this — I am going to presume several things. Though you may have all sorts of issues, problems, and matters you’re working with and on — for the most part, you are okay.

You may or may not have a job, may or may not be in a relationship, might be in a less-than-ideal living situation, and uncertain about what the future looks like in many ways. But — you are here now. You’re alive, and you have options available to you (even though they might not be so great).

Because you are alive — you always have something to be grateful for. There are things for which you can express gratitude, give thanks, and bask in the surety of in your life.

Looking at the big picture too much will draw your attention away from what good you have. And believe me…



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