How Much Space Exists Between Negativity and Positivity?

I’m realizing that more space exists between than at the extremes on either end.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
6 min readJan 24, 2022

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As an avid reader who enjoys nonfiction as much as fiction — I love to learn new things.

A lot of what I read is along the lines of my writing — positivity, conscious reality creation, mindfulness, and the like. As such, I’ve read through lots of different people from all sorts of variable backgrounds and their ideas and practices.

Though I’ve long been a practitioner, believer, and even something of a preacher regarding these topics — I recognize there’s always room to grow. For as much as I know — there’s far, far more that I don’t know.

This is why I’m a huge fan of science. Biology, physics, psychology, and astronomy are among my favorite topics.

I was introduced to psychology first-hand as a child after my parents’ divorce. Between different therapists as I was growing up and into adulthood — as well as books and other info on the topic — I’ve had a longtime fascination with understanding what makes us tick on a mental and emotional level.

I’m presently reading a book about how to rethink. Specifically, how to alter thinking to be less rigid and open to more approachability.

I’ve frequently said that positivity can do no harm, is good for all, and the like. Most of what I write is all about either positivity or negativity — and pays no mind to what space exists between them.

Frankly — there is far more space that exists between negativity and positivity than at the opposite ends of this spectrum. As I have been examining my stance, I recognize it’s time to acknowledge and talk about this.

There are always extremes — but more between them

I frequently write about paradox and how there is balance, and yin/yang across the whole Universe. In discussing the difference between positivity and toxic positivity, I’ve shared how the former needs negativity while the latter is toxic because it ignores and disregards negativity.

But realistically — there is so, so, so much space between positivity and negativity that…

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