Is No Path Still a Path?

Choosing no path to travel is still a path — but it tends to be unsatisfactory.

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The passive path

The vast majority of people I know work in an office setting of one sort or another. They very much follow the sleep-wake-work-rest-sleep-wake-work-rest-repeat pattern.

Mental health and faux productivity

Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? Life is change and change is scary. Currently, in the face of a global pandemic, important social issues, and surreal politics, uncertainty is the norm. Even the present holds a great deal more uncertainty for people than normal.

No path is still a path

Because everyone DOES make choices every day, even a path that is not consciously chosen IS still a path.

It is never too late to choose

A final, super-important note. It is NEVER too late to actively choose a path for yourself. You are never too old, too poor, too broken, nor any other reason to decide on a new course for your life. Yes, it might be really hard to do, it may take a serious leap of faith, and there might be a lot of risk involved. That doesn’t mean it is not there.

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