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The world is only a terrible place if you accept it as such.

You and I, however, have the power to change it for the better. Yes, I know that this feels like a stretch, but it is still the truth.

I am well aware that many terrible things are happening. Aware doesn’t even begin to cover it. Spend a minute scrolling through Facebook or Twitter or G+, and I have no doubt you will be overwhelmed with the latest bad news. Trump said something stupid again. North Korea rattled their sabers again. Someone finding something happening that is unreasonable is complaining, again. On and on, waves of negativity.

It is depressing, infuriating, maddening, upsetting, and if you give it enough attention it’ll murder your hope completely. The world looks like it is coming apart, and it’s only a matter of time before everybody feels it.

If you believe this, it will likely be true. Consciousness creates reality. Care to see the world as a terrible place? Congrats, that’s exactly the reality you will live in.

I am in no way advocating for putting on rose colored glasses and ignoring the troubles out there. We need to work on them and change them. However, we are not going to be capable of this, unless we start small, and begin at home, inside ourselves.

The only real control and power we possess is our own. The only person I can do anything for directly is me. Self-care is not just going to the spa, eating well, and exercising. No, it is also striving to shift our mindset out of the negativity we are bombarded with.

You and I CAN change the world. But it starts with changing ourselves.

The world needs more positive outlooks, hope, and happiness

When we see the suffering happening around the world, it’s really easy to not only feel bad, but also feel guilty.

Really? Guilty? Absolutely. Why? Because we are not suffering as badly.

Our society is pretty heavily out of balance these days. We are in the middle of a cold war in regards to class, and there are a lot of the “haves” who do nothing to help the “have nots.” Those who fall somewhere in the middle, which unsurprisingly is the vast majority, are given a pretty extensive guilt trip. You get to feel guilty for what you have…and you get a double-whammy, because you also get to feel guilty for desiring more than you have.

The root of this guilt is lack and scarcity. We are force-fed this notion that there is not enough. We lack resources, money is scarce, time is fleeting, and so on and so forth. Because this is the view of the world we are most often shown, we tend to buy into it.

Like attracts like. When you see pictures and stories of lack and scarcity, and take them into your soul, is it really much of a surprise that we draw more to ourselves?

The world is only a terrible place if you accept it as such. We need to not let the guilt make us feel bad about what we already have, nor what we desire to create.

How? By recognizing that the Universe is abundant, not lacking.

Choose to see the world for the better

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I am actively working on shifting my attention away from all this negativity. It has gotten so prevalent in the world on so many levels, it’s even beginning to seep into the hobby I escape to from time to time. Hatred, intolerance, jealousy, lack and scarcity in a game we play to experience another reality within our own.

Each and every one of us can choose to make this world a better place. It begins by accepting our own worth. You and I deserve to be content, happy, abundant, and at peace. When we are not, we cannot help those worse off than ourselves, nor convince those who do harm to change their ways. You and I have choices for how we approach the world around us.

For my part, I don’t share memes or clickbait on Facebook that acknowledge and further the inundation of awfulness. Again, I am keeping informed because I need to be aware of the world around me…but I don’t need nor desire to be overwhelmed by it. I write these blogs to remind myself that I am worthy and deserving of awesomeness…and share them because you are, too.

The world needs more abundance. People need to be more mindful of themselves. When we feed the guilt and shame and anger and hate and hopelessness monsters, they don’t shrink…they become giants.

Be mindful of how you feel. Thoughts, feelings and actions create our world, and when we feel negative, we tend to manifest negative things. Feeling is the driving force behind creation. When we let the guilt and lacking and insufficiency we are feeling control us, we disempower ourselves and everyone around us.

This is why the world is only a terrible place if we see it as such. This, in fact, applies to everything.

If you see money, sex, spirituality, wealth, or any other highly desired thing as bad, be it tangible or intangible, you likely have a bad relationship with it.

See the world for its possibilities and wonders

We work to avoid people, places, and things we dislike. But when we “dislike” things we actually desire, they tend to avoid US. Have no money? How do you feel about money? Have no sex life? How do you feel about sex? Have no hope? How do you feel about the world around you?

It is all a choice. You and I can decide, but only for ourselves, what the world we live in contains. There is hope, and positivity, endless possibility and unimaginable wonders in the world around us…but only we can choose how we see this world.

Be mindful of what you are thinking, what you are saying, what you are reading, and the actions you take. We are so much more powerful than we realize…let’s use this to our advantage. It takes nothing away from anyone else to see the world for all its potential.

How do you desire to see this world?

These posts are ideas for, and my personal experiences with, walking along the path of life to consciously create reality. I share this journey as part of my desire to make a difference in this world along the way, and empower myself and my readers with conscious reality creation.

Thank you for joining me.

Originally published at on January 9, 2019.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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