Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Howsoever this may be applied to your life.

For some people, just getting from day to day is a challenge. They face difficulties mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, or even a combination of all of these together. For some, this may feel like an endless, ceaseless process.

Whatever you struggle with, I want to encourage you to keep fighting the good fight.

Why? Because you are worth it. You are worthy and deserving of living your life to the fullest. Despite messages to the contrary, you have every right to find and/or create a good life, or even a great life.

Many people I know have various struggles with their lives. Whatever form they take, tangible or intangible, some days are good and others are bad. Finding balance can be a real challenge, and there are definitely days where it goes even deeper than that.

Everyone wants to quit at one point or another. This takes different forms, ranging from withdrawing into yourself, destroying something, writing out a lengthy manifesto, hiding from the whole world in some way or other, and unfortunately suicide.

I am lucky in many ways, and I am aware that I have a certain level of privilege as well. However, I still understand the battles you may be fighting, your struggles, and I desire to encourage you to keep fighting the good fight.

My battles

To show you that you are not alone, I am going to share with you my current battles.

First — mentally. Depression. I have been combating depression on and off more or less for my whole life. Far more people fight depression than I think we tend to acknowledge as a society, which is unfortunate. Why? Because mental health is not random, and it can have a tremendous impact on everything you do.

There is still too much taboo and too many who see mental health as a one-time matter, rather than a medical matter to be treated and addressed over the long term.

Second — physically. I am overweight. The struggle to get into better shape and lose weight has been ongoing for most of my life. My weight is like a yo-yo, up and down and up and down. I have good weeks and bad weeks when it comes to this, but there never seems to be a single answer to really get this under control. Yet I am always working on it.

Third — emotionally. There are days where I just need to not read any current news because it gets me so very angry and upset. The world outside appears to be going quite mad these days. If I get too caught up in this insanity, it can begin to feel really hopeless.

I am an optimist. As such, I believe that the world is not about to eat itself to death. This is the dying gasps of an old regime going extinct.

It is probably safe to assume that you have your battles, too. They may have similarities to mine, but that doesn’t matter as much as continuing to fight the good fight.

Some days all you can do is be

Admittedly, there are days where you will not feel that you can fight. I know I experience them. Days when I am too tired, drained, or just otherwise cooked and unable to lift my sword. That’s ok, it happens.

On those days I just be. Because that’s pretty much the only option available to me. Just be me, do what I need and have to do for the day, and exist in the moment as much as possible.

Of course, some days this feels totally impossible, and you will debate if you should give up. For the most part, no, you shouldn’t. Keep fighting the good fight. But perhaps you need a change of tactics.

It is entirely conceivable that the means of your fight needs to change. Also, it’s possible what you are fighting against or for needs to change.

There are days when it’s all a blur, and it feels like that doesn’t matter. That’s ok, accept it, and do your best to just be. Exist. Have your day. Resume fighting that good fight tomorrow.

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Choose the battlefield

There are going to be times when you get to choose where the fight will go down. Make those choices, because when you do you take better control.

Let’s be blunt here — the only person over whom you have any control at all is yourself. You can do nothing to influence or control anyone else. Even if they allow you a modicum of control, in truth you can only control yourself.

For the most part, this is through your thoughts, feelings, and actions. When you see this for what you can do, and how controlling your mindset is up to you, it can seem like you have almost no control at all.

While that’s partially true, consider this: all you can control are your thoughts, feelings, and actions. So that means that you only really need to divide your attention and intention in three ways. Less is more.

When I teach fencing, one of the things I explain is that when you choose lines of attack, though it does limit you somewhat, more importantly, it limits your opponent. That means that you present fewer potential reactions from them, which tells you how you will be able to counter their counterattack. Thus, you more readily set them up to fight YOUR fight.

That is how you go about choosing a battlefield. Knowing what your opponent has to work with is important, but you can act in ways to limit their responses, and better control yours.

In this way, you not only better fight your good fights, but learn from them along the way.

Don’t give up

Whatever you do, when all is said and done, don’t give up. I know this can be really hard, super-tiring, disheartening, and otherwise uncomfortable. But I know that you can beat all difficulties, whether they present themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, or some combo therein.

Unless you intentionally do things that cause harm to others, you are a good person. Thus you are worthy and deserving of keeping up the good fight. You need not be more than you already are to fight these fights, you can do it.

Keep at it. Rest when you must, change the battlefield as needs be, but keep fighting the good fight, howsoever this may be applied to your life.

I am rooting for you.

You are worthy and deserving of using your mindfulness to find and/or create the reality in which you desire to live. When all is said and done you matter, as does the good fight that you fight.

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