A poem about sunlight and being.

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I bathe in the sunlight.

Quietly I sit, alone in the sun.

But I am not truly alone.

People are all about me, but I wonder if they notice me.

Do you see me, sitting here, quietly, observing nothing and everything?

I am a student of the human condition.

I watch. I listen. I feel. I observe.

They move about me in their lives, taking a moment to enjoy the sun in their own way.

Winter is over. Spring is at hand. But days like this are still too rare.

I am letting the glare of the sun blind me as I work here. It feels good.

Recharging. My solar batteries need sunlight. I am solar powered.

The air is still warm. The afternoon is nearly over, but it remains bright yet.

Men and women and children move about me in their own ways. Am I invisible?

I would choose to be this day. Bathing in the sun, unseen.

Observing but unobserved.

The ducks and geese see me. But that’s part of their nature.

Invisible to the world of man, I can contemplate my place.

Question who I am.

Bathing in the sun, feeling its warmth.

I want to be warmed by it more.

I am an observer. I see you all, I study you. I contemplate you.

Do you see me here? Am I invisible, or do you notice me?

The breeze is pleasant. This is a good place to be this day.

I am not invisible. I know. But you leave me in peace.

I see nothing. I see everything. I feel nothing. I feel everything.

I hear nothing. I hear all. I am no more but certainly no less than any of you.

Scattered thoughts. Wandering mind. Questing. Observing.

I bathe in the rays of the sun. And in this moment, in this place.

I know everything.

Knowing everything, I know I know nothing.

Good. More to learn.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain. http://www.mjblehart.com

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