Practicing Living in the Now

I believe that the key to mindfulness is living in the now.

Living in the now is particularly challenging because our society is rather fond of living in the then and living for tomorrow.

I have goals and aspirations. One of the challenges that I write about is my attempts to live and work in all the worlds I do. I am frequently crossing between separate aspects of my life, different forms of writing, my social life, my professional life, and so forth — despite them all being a part of the overall greater whole that is me.

One of the larger challenges in this process, though, is my perception of time. Time, of course, is relative and changeable. Yet it is imperative that I do better with living in the here-and-now, rather than giving energy and attention to past matters or focusing on the future.

To be where I desire most to be I am doing a lot of work with mindfulness. Mindfulness is awareness of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Specifically, mindful awareness is in the now.

Remember, as Einstein said:

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Thus, this moment, right here and now, is the most real reality you’ve got.

Where is your mindset?

One of the biggest problems with the goals I seek to attain is where I see them. I know full well that I see them ahead; in time; eventually; or down the line. But however you want to phrase it they are viewed by me as being in the future. They are something to be reached, something to be worked towards.

This. Right. Here. This is the problem. Every single book I have read or listened to about consciousness creating reality, mindfulness, the Law of Attraction, and manifestation states that you HAVE to see the things you want as already yours. Right here, right now.

Not “will be” or “coming soon” or “down the line” or “in the future”, but here and now. In the present tense. You have to clearly picture them in your life right now, to give them clarity and power in order to consciously create them.

Time is utterly relative. This is why it is imperative to envision your goal as if you have already achieved it. Both philosophers and scientists have made this point — that time is an illusionary concept. Much of how we perceive time is artificial, which can be hard to believe. Yet it is true none-the-less.

Your mind is a powerful creator

When I recovered from my injuries after getting hit by a car crossing a street, I know that I didn’t see myself as healed “eventually”. I didn’t see myself walking in the future, I saw it right then and there.

Yes, I was either bound to a wheelchair or using crutches or a walker at the time, but nevertheless, I saw myself as being whole and everything working just like it had before. Twenty years later there are some wicked scars remaining, titanium plates in my right shoulder, and parts of my right arm are still slightly numb — but to all intents and purposes, I am fully healed. I can walk, run, and use my arm like before my injuries.

I refer to this example a lot because it was probably the most profound moment in my life. I was severely broken, and when faced with a choice of curl up in a ball and hope for death, or let it heal as it heals, or push and fight every step of the way — I chose to fight.

I was changed not just physically by that moment in my life, but mentally and emotionally, too. I am striving to recapture the focus and absolute beliefs I held during that period in my life because I know that I am capable of manifesting what I need since I have done it before.

I need to work on perceiving where I am between today and tomorrow as being in the same time. This is where getting specific about how I desire for my life to be is important.

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Where do I see myself?

This is what I need to see:

I see myself with bestselling novels and feeling how it would feel to have an offer on the table for the screen rights to my work. I see in detail teaching a class about mindfulness and conscious reality creation and having people come to me to learn to better empower themselves.

It’s important that I feel what it is like to have the wealth and abundance this will bring me, as well as how it will feel to give large donations to charity and to be even more generous to friends and family.

This needs to be felt right now as if this IS my life.

Overall, I need to live more in the here-and-now. Analyzing the past is not my biggest issue. I recognize that my past is passed. For me, it’s anxiety about the future that is most challenging. This is particularly convoluted these days, largely because of massive uncertainty in the American political climate, let alone the general state of the world and the collective consciousness.

I can’t do anything but take care of myself and protect those I love in the here-and-now, so I know that I need to be more thoroughly thinking, feeling and acting mindfully.

Practicing living in the now

How do I move my thoughts for tomorrow into today?

First, I need to be more aware of my self-talk. It’s important for me to be checking in with myself several times a day with questions such as:

· How Am I?

· What am I thinking?

· How am I feeling?

· Am I thinking about things ahead of me, or in the now?

These are all part of mindfulness and are meant to make me more aware, right here and now. Simple questions, simple answers, but they are all important to consciously creating my reality and living in the now.

Living in the now is imperative for finding empowerment, peace, and happiness. I cannot reclaim the past and I can’t live in tomorrow, so focusing on here and now allows me to simply BE.

The power of that is incredible — and I know from everything I have studied that in doing this I will be more capable of being present and of manifesting the life I most want.

Mindfulness: Thought. Feeling. Action. Right here, right now…I can do almost anything I can imagine. And so can you.

You are worthy and deserving of using your mindfulness to find and/or create the reality in which you desire to live. When all is said and done you and I matter — so practice living in the now.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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