Releasing Some Outdated Beliefs

Here I am sharing a letter to some old programming that doesn’t serve me so that I can release it.

Dear old beliefs about abundance, wealth, and money,

How long are we going to play this game? How many years will we go back and forth on this topic?

Yes, I know that to make money it’s important to work a good job. You do the work, they pay you money. That’s the traditional money-making magic of the Universe.

But it is NOT the only way. I do not need to be a doctor, lawyer, or merchant chief in order to make a decent income. I am fully capable of making all the money I need and desire as an artist.

I am currently practicing two arts for money. Writing, my first and oldest love. Voice-work, my second-oldest love (for my readers — I did a lot of acting and singing in my childhood and was a radio DJ in college).

There is no reason why I cannot make the money I should be making, in order to contribute to my household and pay the things I need to and more. No reason whatsoever.

You have been an interesting opponent over the years. A cunning and wily saboteur. I have respect for you because I know how you got here. But I need to remove your roots, cast away your shadows, and plant the new mindset of abundance that I know I can create.

Where did we begin?

As I look back into my memory, I can’t exactly pinpoint when you were planted. I can guess, however, and it’s an educated guess.

When I was a child, probably somewhere between 5 and 10 years old, you were set-up in a nice, tiny condominium inside my subconscious. Over the years that grew to be quite the mansion, despite remaining well-buried.

I don’t blame her, but you are likely the product of what my mom shared with me. There were additional impressions from my dad and other family members, too.

The specifics of that are non-existent. I don’t recall, nor do I expect that I ever will. However, I know that the impressions of the conversations I heard, and statements the were made at the time created you.

This is a partial list of what you are made of:

· Someone always has more.

· You are in competition to get money and things, whether you know it or not.

· People who have money are better than people who don’t.

· Money buys you things and things buy you respect.

· You have to work hard to make money — BUT — you also have to be fortunate.

· Only certain types of jobs make good money. If you do not do one of those you don’t make the money.

· Brand names matter. So do the size of the stones. Fancy is a sign of wealth.

· Artistic skills of any sort are not money-makers.

· Only a whole, traditional families have money.

I have no doubt I could find more, but all of these strike a chord in my mind. These are where my money mindset lives.

These beliefs are in the neighborhood of 40 years old. Know how large a tree can grow in 40 years?

I know they can’t be removed, but they can be replaced.

What do I believe now?

Consciously, I hold a different set of beliefs about money, wealth, and abundance than I did so long ago. Yet these subconscious aspects of my beliefs, old and outdated as they are, have not been updated or replaced properly.

So long as you remain in my head, you have power over me. Why? Because you are practically unconscious. You exist so deep within my psyche that it’s taken me a long, long time to even identify you. Then, when I think I have it all, I realize that there is more.

I know that you came into being based on my experience and examples of my youth. On the one side of my family, there was a constant desire to have more, to show off what you had, and that your presence made a person better.

On the other side, there was a certain degree of detachment, mixed with bars to be reached to gain money and things. Do this to make it…or accept when you don’t. It was less about showing off and being fancy on that side, but they were comfortable in their abundance.

Going forward, the two sides that made up the examples of my family widened in diversity. The attitudes tend to be diametrically opposed. Is it any wonder my mindset is so scattered?

So I believe, consciously, that I can make all the money I desire to live a decent life, keep out of debt, and afford nice things without a need to show off or go over the top. When I have that level of wealth and abundance I will not need to worry about paying for everyday things, paying bills…and I will get to be generous to the people I love and care about.

What do I do about the old roots?

I think it is important to take all of the beliefs of old and replace them with new ones.

Here’s my list in response to the outdated info:

· Someone always has more, and that’s not important because there is abundance.

· You are NOT in competition for money or things with anyone else.

· People who have money are NO better than people who don’t.

· Money buys you things — but not respect. Respect is an unrelated matter.

· You have to work smart to make good money and keep focused on abundance.

· Any practice or job can make money. You can make money doing what you love.

· Brand names do not matter. Stones are shiny rocks. There is no need to be or have fancy things.

· Artistic skills can make you money.

· Anyone from any situation or environment can have money.

All of these replace the partial list of old programming. Just replacing one-for-one can be an enormous step towards releasing this old, outdated software.

This is going to take some time. I know you won’t just go away because I desire for you to be gone. But I am pretty sure I don’t need you anymore. So long, and thanks for all the anxiety.

Brain-weasel hunting party

Now that I am removing your roots, I know that what remains will still be some nasty brain weasels with huge, pointy teeth.

The thing is, those teeth are a lie. They have no bite, they are merely ghosts of old beliefs past, which are still haunting me. They are just tiny, insignificant phantoms.

I appreciate what you offered me in the way of having something to believe in. I’m sorry that we need to break-up, but we have very different desires in this life. Also, I didn’t create you, I just absorbed you like a sponge absorbing a spill.

Which really is what you mostly are. The spill of the liquid beliefs of the people in my life during my youth that influenced my growth and experience along the way. The time has come for me to replace you with my own beliefs.

I mean no disrespect, but don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. We’ve had a long time together, but I am saying goodbye for good here.

No matter what you have been telling me, or the brain-weasels will continue to chitter at me, I am worthy and deserving of the life I desire to consciously create. This is MY reality, and I alone am living within it. Your program has run its course, is no longer a valid app, so I am replacing it with something new.

Thank you again for all the work you did in the past. Now — please be gone and never return.



(Yes, love. Positivity matters and negativity will only create something I would rather not. This is a part of practicing mindfulness.)

What outdated beliefs would you write a letter to?

You are worthy and deserving of using your mindfulness to find and/or create the reality in which you desire to live. When all is said and done you matter as do your beliefs.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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