That was Unexpected

But that’s how the path goes sometimes. Expect the unexpected.

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The biggest goal I have for my life is to do something that makes the world a better place.

It is my greatest desire to have a positive impact on the world. I hope to help people lead better lives, do more amazing things, and generally experience all the potential and possibilities.

There are two paths of a similar ilk that I am taking along that way. The first is this — writing about my Pathwalking philosophy and sharing my experiences working with positivity, conscious reality creation, and overall mindfulness.

The second is via fiction. I write stories — mostly sci-fi and fantasy — to stir the imagination and get the reader to think. Stories like this opened up my imagination — and that infinitely made my life better and more enjoyable.

Humankind used to have a very animal-like existence. We lived to find food, shelter, and a mate for procreation to perpetuate the species. But as we evolved, we developed a complex, deep ability to consciously create reality. We were no longer living at the whims of the weather, dependent only on local resources and the game we could hunt. It wasn’t long before humans covered the entire globe.

Along the way, people became empowered. However, too many of them — upon gaining empowerment -kept it to themselves. Some became simple rulers over everyone else while others became despots and terrors.

As humans evolved so did our technologies. We could live anywhere on the planet and be connected instantly with one another. But the old models persist — and many of those who are empowered prefer to keep everyone else disempowered.

My goal in life is to help shift that.

Mindfulness for empowerment

Every single one of us has power. You are capable of virtually anything you set your mind to. By-and-large, if you can imagine it you can manifest it.

In the words of Theodor Hertzl,

“If you will it, it is no dream.”

Of course, there are limits. But not so many as most people believe.

For example, if you desire to become a doctor but faint at the sight of blood — chances are that won’t be your path. But your truest, deepest, real desire for how you want your life to be — that is attainable.

Most people do not need to be anything more than content. A life where they feel like they achieve, do good things and make a positive impact on their corner of the world. Most people don’t truly desire fame, fortune, and the trappings therein.

Recognizing this — you can empower yourself to have it.

This requires mindfulness. It begins with being aware of your consciousness and your thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions — in the present moment. That, in turn, takes you deeper into understanding and knowing your mindset/headspace/psyche. And with that, you can know your core beliefs and habits — and change them if needs be.

When you practice practical mindfulness, you empower yourself. The knowledge it gives you of who you are lets you be more authentic and change as you might desire.

However, it’s important to be open to the unexpected. While you believe mindfully that you are in pursuit of ‘X’ you might discover ‘Z’ instead. ‘Z’ might be way better than ‘X’.

Or — ‘Z’ might be an unexpected emissary or gateway to ‘X’. But it’s imperative that you be open to it.

Leave room for the unexpected

While it is massively important to have a goal and direction for your path, it cannot be utterly rigid. There must be flexibility and wiggle room to allow for alternative routes and potentially better and/or greater outcomes.

Why? Because the Universe is full of surprises.

When I began Pathwalking as my New Years’ Action for 2012, it was meant to be collecting my thoughts for my life and where I desired to go. It evolved into an entire philosophy and means to make the world a better place.

In time I was blogging daily. Now, I was exploring the what, why, and how of mindfulness, conscious reality creation, positivity, and the like. My desire to help others understand and better use this has always been to help people live fuller, more complete, and contented lives.

With the tech we have at our disposal, the old way of the “haves” and “have nots” needn’t be what it is. But the narrative of the collective consciousness tends to be fear-based. That takes a lot of work to change.

Recently, an opportunity I had not expected popped up. Someone I did not know reached out to me because an article I wrote resonated with her. It aligned with her life’s work, and the path she has taken.

Both of us seek to do something to change the world for the better. It’s not a selfish goal — it’s altruistic in striving to wake more people up to their potential and possibility.

That was unexpected. And now I am finding myself exploring a partnership with her.

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The Universe provides the unexpected

I was not looking for this opportunity. This was not something I sought out — but at the same time, I have always been open to it.

My knowledge and ability to spread my philosophy are limited. I have only so many connections and not all of them align to push my work to the next level.

This also applies to my work writing fiction. Now that I have reset my goal from “bestselling author” to “sustainable writing sales” it’s much more possible that I can reach this. However, I am still lacking all the resources I need to attain that goal. But I am wide open to receiving them.

This person has come into my life utterly unexpectedly. She is a kindred spirit and our aim — though from a slightly different angle — is the same target. The hearts, minds, and souls of people seeking better, more complete lives.

There is a lie most people accept. That lie is that there is only so much to go around. There are a lack and scarcity of EVERYTHING — tangible and intangible.

But that’s not the truth.

The Universe is abundant. When one resource runs out another can be found to replace it. Material or immaterial, there is more than enough of EVERYTHING to go around.

Additionally, no two people want the same thing. Similar, yes. The same? No. That’s because none of us are the same. Everyone is unique. Why? Because you are the only one inside your head. That’s so very much more powerful than most people realize.

That’s because you are empowered to make your life how you desire it to be. And that can be just about anything you can imagine.

Rolling with change

Finally, the unexpected can be bad. That’s because — except for yourself and your mind — you have control of nothing.

Outside forces and influences can and will impact upon you. They will be agents of chaos that throw you off your path and/or force you to shift your goal.

For example — a star athlete who gets into a car accident and becomes paralyzed. That was unexpected and forces them to change. But it doesn’t mean their life is ruined or destroyed. It just means they must decide to choose a new path.

But being open to the unexpected makes you better able to work with this. Keep in mind, I am not saying you can or should be prepared for any and all eventualities. That way lies madness. But by remaining flexible, you are open to accepting and rolling with changes as you need to.

Change is the only constant in the Universe. Acknowledging that makes it easier to handle the unexpected — good or bad.

You are capable of just about anything at all you can dream of. Don’t let the lies of lack and scarcity hold you back from striving to be, have, and do what you desire for this life.

Last, but not least — you deserve it. You are worthy of an awesome life. Good things are what you deserve. Forgive yourself when you screw it all up — because you will — and know that unless you intend harm and bad things to others you are worthy and deserving of having your desires.

What do you do when faced with the unexpected?

Thank you for reading. I am MJ Blehart. I write about mindfulness, conscious reality creation, positivity, the philosophy of choosing and walking your path, and similar life lessons.
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Originally published at on October 21, 2020.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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