The Adventure is Yours to Choose

Murray "MJ" Blehart
4 min readJul 15, 2019

In what direction would you like to take your life?

Every day is a brand new day. Why does that matter? Because it means that every day you get new choices, new options, new possibilities, new opportunities, and more. No matter how the previous day may have ended, you get a new day full of new options.

Or rather, you get to choose how to view this new day.

You could also possibly see every day as the same as all the others. Along the way, then, you will likely see the same choices and/or lack of choices, scarce options, lack of possibilities, few opportunities, and so on.

Will today be an adventure or a dull recurrence? That is entirely up to you.

You are empowered to choose your day

Your reality is entirely how you make it out to be. So it’s up to you if it will be good or bad; fun or boring; full or adventure or lacking, scarce, and stagnant.

If you have a pretty regular life, chances are it looks something like this:

Monday-Friday get up in the morning, maybe do something like reading or exercise or play online games. Go to work. Work 8–12 hours. Go home. Maybe spend time with family and/or friends, read, exercise, perform household chores, veg in front of the TV, or whatever. Go to bed. Repeat the next day.

Saturday and Sunday have little to no structure, or are all about errands/chores/projects, or doing nothing at all or something fun.

This is a serious generalization here. But the point remains that it’s all-too-easy to be carried along the pattern of a given day, and not actively decide to make it an adventure and just slog through it.

When you factor in outside influences, this gets even more complicated, because many of the outside influences you encounter lean towards negativity.

This is why recognizing that you have a choice, and can choose to make every day a unique adventure is so important. When you see life as full of potential and possibility, you can work to find it or create it.

I know how hard this can be. In particular, if you stay abreast of current affairs. There are so many messages being broadcast to you of lack…

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