The Answers to the Great Questions are Within Us

The answers to the questions of life, the Universe, and everything lie within us — not without.

The quest for God is actually a quest for ourselves when all is said and done.

The notions of impermanence in Buddhism and Hinduism are about the interconnectivity of human beings. That’s because — when we are in these bodies — we have cut ourselves off to the direct connection with the always present universal energies. But we are still connected to them — and they to us — but the self gets attached to the notion of here-and-now and the body we occupy.

And that can be lonely.

But we are truly not alone. We are all connected. But because the person that we each individually are perceives everything on an individual basis — and nobody else can get inside of our heads, hearts, and souls — we start to feel lonely and disconnected.

Yet because we know that we are truly all interconnected on an energetic level, we get this idea that we must find it outside of ourselves. And because we do that — and because the connectivity between us and other humans is impermanent — we still feel alone. But we know there is something bigger than us out there. And that something, we think of a personality, like we think we have. And that is how we, humankind, created god.

The omnipotent power of our own making

This being very much like us but connecting us all is based on the limitations of human perception. The idea that there is something much larger than us out there — based on how we experience ourselves and the ego — gets personified. And that is where god, the gods, and the like, come in.

Personifications of a grander connection we must seek to alleviate our inherent loneliness of being the only ones inside of our selves.

But the truth is that we’re all interconnected on an energetic level. We KNOW this at our core — but forget it in the experience of being. And as we are alone within — but still inherently seek connections — we forge them among other people, animals, inanimate objects, etc.

When those connections go too far, they become attachments. And attachment leads to unnatural notions like possession, jealousy, and have versus have not.

That also causes the ideas of lack and limitation. When we get attached to something impermanent, we know at our core that it’s impermanent. But because we’re attached, we create an idea of lack, scarcity, and insufficiency. Thus, we build on that notion and strengthen the attachment — but that, in turn, makes us lonelier because it causes us to disconnect more.

And when you turn your focus without, you lose sight of that which is within. All of us are interconnected as energy at our core. But while we know this on a deep, subconscious level — our conscious mind cannot accept it. WE can’t feel it, see it, taste it, touch it, etc. We can’t perceive it — so we instead look to outside connections to find it.

External connections don’t necessarily fill the void

External connections are limited because no matter how much we might connect — we are still apart. The ego, the self, is singular — and can never be anything but singular. So, we get lonely and want to connect.

But since we lose sight of the overall connectivity energetically that we have between us and everything else in the Universe — we seek connections without.

Unfortunately, the reality is that those connections don’t alleviate loneliness. And that’s because other people, places, and things you forge connections with can’t get inside your mind/heart/and soul — just as you cannot get inside of theirs.

We can make a lot of superficial impermanent connections. But they are impermanent — we know that to our core being — and that is why we can still be in a crowded room and feel all alone.

The answer is simpler than the question

The answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything is simple. (No, it’s not 42). It’s energy. Interconnected energy that all of us are permanently connected to and with. The only constant — apart from change — is energy in unimaginable quantities. The quantities are so far beyond human comprehension that we have created higher beings as a personification — not unlike ourselves, but greater — to explain the inexplicable.

Yet when all is said and done — it doesn’t matter. Because no matter how we live or how we pass from this life we’ll reconnect when we return to being energy.

Why are we here? To experience things. To be an individual. We’re not meant to necessarily transcend this — but to experience it. We’re here to be, to create and destroy and take part in giving the energy form. That form is constantly changing — except at its core which is constant, unchangeable energy.

We humans have a beginning, middle, and ending. And we need — as part of our way of understanding all — for everything ELSE to have a beginning, middle, and end. Hence, the big bang on one end and the big crunch on the other. Because the notion of just existing in an unchangeable state is beyond our capacity for reason.

Reason, logic, and spirituality can coexist

This is why consciousness creates reality. Because reality as we see it is wholly based on our perception of our consciousness. Which is about the singular, individual self.

Yet the energy is there, within every single one of us. And we can use it to build and create this life. We’re empowered far, far more than we know.

Life is about the experience. We are here to BE, to give that energy form. It’s an intelligence of interconnectivity as simple as our individual perceptions of our lives and as complex as each of us is. And the energy learns and grows and forms anew as it transmutes.

We are expressions of it in form.

Why are we here? To be. The self is a manifestation of energy that gains knowledge through individuality that it returns with to the interconnectivity of its base state.

In other words, individually we gather unique perspectives and experiences that we take with us when we transmute from this form back to source energy. Which, ultimately, we never disconnect from even when we take these forms.

Thus, turning inwards rather than outwards, we can discover that connection again and see the answers. Those who devote their lives to this idea become enlightened and transcend not by leaving and journeying without — but by connecting and traveling within.

But it is a part of human nature to reject the simple for the complex. It’s too easy readily comes to mind when presented with the simplest solution to the complicated issue. But most of the time the simplest explanation is the correct one (Occam’s Razor).

The answers to the questions of life, the Universe, and everything lie within us. Recognizing this opens us to reconnect to the source energy — which, in turn, lets us better connect with one another.

The answers are within us

Together, even individually, we are never truly alone and always, energetically, connected.

Perhaps that’s why so many people fear looking inside themselves. Not only is there uncertainty about what they will find about themselves — but also how they connect to the universal source energy.

The ego knows and is enrobed in self-identity. Thus, reconnecting to the ever-present source energy lessens its existence. This paradox comfortably separates us while we seek comfort in connection.

Simple and complex practices — from deep breathing to yoga to meditation — open the channels to connect to our point of origin in universal source energy. Hence, more often than not, answers are more readily found within than without. Because all answers lie within and are interconnected via source energy.

There is nothing to fear. Seeing the inner connectivity between us is surprisingly empowering. And you are worthy and deserving of experiencing that for yourself.

Have you looked within yourself for the answers to the questions of life, the Universe, and everything? If not, why not?

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