The Colors and Greys Between

The Space between “black” and “white” is real reality

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We live in a world that is often defined by crazy extremes. Frequently these are equated to “black and white.”

But in truth, the vast majority of the world actually exists in the colors and greys between. As in rather than the extremes at “black” or “white,” the world is full of colors and greys.

There is a difference here, too, but it is not necessarily good or bad. Once more, we are not dealing with extremes when it comes to the colors and greys between. This is more along the lines of “the grey area” or rainbows that people talk about.

Some people exist in color, some in grey, but most transition between these. Also, when you mix all your colors together, they tend to give you grey, so there’s that too.

Think this is all nonsense? I think it makes a ton more sense than the notion of either/or extremes. We live on a planet with more than seven billion other people. From there, keep in mind, no two people think alike. They may think similarly, but they still do not think entirely alike. Why? Because everyone’s perception of the world is utterly unique to them.

And yet, even with all that uniqueness among us…we have so very many similarities. We all need food, shelter, and companionship to a greater or lesser degree. We are all composed of similar materials. Strip us of our skin and organs, and the bones are mostly exactly the same.

We are the ultimate expression of paradox. Yet because we are so vastly different, despite our sameness, the either/or seldom, if ever, presents a clear picture of any given individual.

The reality of the colors and greys between

People are complicated. And yes, that’s a really broad statement, but that doesn’t lessen its truth. People have needs, wants, desires, and are striving to understand why they are on this spinning ball of earth and sky.

Some figure out why they are here. Or at least, we have a decent understanding of it. For example, I am pretty sure I am here to help make people smile, think, feel, and live better lives. My fiction helps to open people’s imaginations, from where new possibilities can be born. By sharing my journeys and trials and tribulations and imperfections, I am hoping I help others to recognize they are not alone.

A lot of people out there, though, haven’t the foggiest idea as to why they are here. In the search for meaning and understanding they turn to outside resources. This is how we get religion, but also cults and fanatics. We tend to look without rather than look within.

There are many out there who can be excellent influences, and can help us to find meaning and understanding. This is fine, until they start demanding that you follow them, and that their way is the One True Way — and now we have conflict. When these create the extremes and either/or situations, which they do, we start to see less of the colors and greys between that, in fact, make up the real majority.

Those who lean towards the extremes are really loud. Often, they are influential, too. BUT the colors and greys between actually drive the world. When we recognize that for what it is, we empower ourselves to create, rather than find, meaning and understanding.

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The colors and greys between have more room for growth

Black and white can be combined to create — shades. This is because black and white are not colors, but shades. Mixing them will give you new shades of black. When we take this metaphor and try to mix the extremes we equate with “black and white,” we find that they actually blend, because they are not really what we believe them to be. Not colors.

In between, where there are greys of every shade and all the colors you can imagine, we can create almost uncountable new and unique options. How many? Mix in visible colors and greys with those that are beyond what human eyes can see, and I think I read somewhere that you reach a googolplex (which is a big, big number. A googol is a one followed by one hundred zeros. A googolplex, as such, is a one followed by a googol of zeros.)

Ergo, the potential variety is astounding. This is the reality of a world with more than seven billion personalities, all with a similar core but unique experiential constructs. At the core, we are all the same, and on the surface we are all similar yet different. Beyond this, our personalities, how we think, we are, again, all different BUT all the same, because the mechanics of the process are similar.

Finally, like everything else in the Universe, we are all energy. So no matter the label — black and white, color or grey — at the core it’s all the same. How we identify ourselves, the extremes of our world and our lives is entirely an artificial construct of our own making.

Be whatever colors and greys between you choose to be

You and I are empowered to choose how we think, how we feel, and how we act from there. We are, each of us, capable of being kind or unkind, victim or benefactor, wise or foolish, and absolutely everything in between.

All the limitations we perceive are untrue. Yes, there are paths in life you won’t be able to take for any number of reasons…but that’s not a limitation, it’s more often circumstantial.

For example: If you desire to be an astronaut, but you are in your forties and didn’t choose a career in science or engineering, or become a pilot, unless you have the money to buy a ticket on a Virgin Galactic flight, that is circumstance, not limitation — because you’ve chosen to put yourself there.

But you could change it. If it is your greatest desire, then do the research and get on the necessary paths to make that happen.

We are incredible creatures full of potential, but it comes from our inner drive, and our own ability to empower ourselves. When we take that into account and work with it, and embrace the colors and greys between the very artificial black and white extremes, we can recognize how not alone we truly are.

Are you aware and mindful of the almost surreal number of colors and greys between the extremes, and how that can impact who you choose to be in this life?

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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