The Ongoing Quest to Find and Share Inspiration

I am constantly looking for it while simultaneously writing about it in my efforts to share it.

Probably the single biggest reason I love to write is that I love to inspire.

It doesn’t matter if this is fiction or non-fiction, I want to be inspirational to people. My primary goal is to get other people to think, imagine, wonder, and empower themselves.

The how of this works differently depending on the genre in question.

The inspiration of fiction

I love to create fantastical worlds that, until they reach the page or screen, exist solely inside my head. For me, this has mostly taken one of three forms — fantasy, science fiction, or Steampunk (which, in my case, is blended with both fantasy and sci-fi.)

It excites me to create a world like our own but different in any number of ways. Whether that’s having two moons, a different calendar, the ability to wield magic, or some other notion unlike that which we experience here.

When it comes to sci-fi I really like to create spaceships, weird and unique alien species and characters, numerous worlds vastly similar and different from this one, and other futuristic technologies. Yes, watching Star Wars when I was 5 years old totally set the tone, but creating my own stories has been an ongoing practice much of my life.

It is my desire that anyone who reads my work finds the worlds, characters, and situations I create just as fun and different as I do. I want my readers to be transported to another time and place and thoroughly sucked into the narratives.

It is also my desire for my readers to have their imaginations awakened and intrigued. This is one of the reasons why, in my science fiction series I am currently working on, I only give a vague description of the humans — so that the reader may envision them according to their imagination.

It is also my hope that the joy I take in writing is translated to the reader, and they share it in the reading.

The inspiration in non-fiction

When I began to understand the idea of conscious reality creation, the Law of Attraction, mindfulness, and other matters of energy and frequency, I was inspired to create my philosophy, Pathwalking. For nearly 8 years I have written a blog about this once a week.

That led to me doing more writing about these topics, and also putting some focus on finding and creating positivity.

I also began to read and listen to more books on these topics, plus self-help, inspiration, wealth consciousness, financial success, and similar. I listened to or have read works including The Secret, You are a Badass, Think and Grow Rich, The War of Art, The Science of Getting Rich, As a Man Thinketh, and many, many more.

A lot of these were a bit abstract in various ways but worked themselves into inspiring my philosophy, writing and life choices. I determined that I could take a more layman’s approach to these notions, and offer inspiration to other people to live more fully like what I had found.

My hope is that the readers of my non-fiction works will be inspired to practice mindfulness, be their own advocate for their personal growth and evolution, and be empowered to take charge of their destiny. Or at the very least give more thought to their life and take more actions to be the one driving it.

I desire to be an inspirer because I love to teach and to assist and help people in whatever way I can.

I have no control over your reactions

First, and this is super important to get out of the way, the above are my desires for the outcome. I know full-well that I might not be inspiring you.

Second, I do not seek to provide answers so much as guidance. I’ve tried ‘X’ for myself, and this is what happened — your mileage may vary. From my own life experiences, I have made these discoveries, but they are not the One True Way (because, frankly, there IS no One True Way).

It is entirely possible you have read my fiction and found it wanting. Maybe my stories, to you, are contrived. Maybe that cool world I thought I was sharing you think is ludicrous. It is entirely possible, I know, that the only thing I have inspired you to do is to put my book down (or switch off the Kindle.)

Likewise, you may find my philosophy and various other non-fiction writing to be crack-pot, hooky-spooky, hippy-crunchy bullshit. Garbage. A total waste of time and utterly unrealistic. About all it may inspire you to do is to send me a link to Indeed or Monster for a “real” job.

What inspires me may not inspire you. I know this. The things I love other people don’t. That’s perfectly fair. That’s part of what makes each of us an individual.

Most people I know look to be inspired in some way or another. I desire to be a person to provide inspiration…but I know that it won’t work for everyone. That’s ok because the effort further inspires ME. Sharing it, for me, also finds more of it.

Inspiration is a gateway to growth and change. Whether I inspire you or not — and whether you inspire others or not — keep working on inspiration.

You never know where it could take you.

You are worthy and deserving of using your mindfulness to find and/or create the reality in which you desire to live. When all is said and done you matter, as does your inspiration.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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