The Upside and Downside of Self-Promotion

I think it should always be shameless to promote your good work.

Murray "MJ" Blehart
6 min readNov 21, 2023


More upsides than downsides to self-promotion
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As a self-published, indie-author authorpreneur, writing is the second and most involved step of the story and the business.

The second step, you might question? Of course. That’s because the first step is conceiving the idea. Human beings have thousands, if not tens of thousands of thoughts per day. Most of our thoughts are quite mundane, from “I’m hungry” to “I have to pee” and the like. Some are more momentous than this. Then, a few are creative ideas that we might or might not provide an outlet for.

I’ve had plenty of story ideas that have never left the idea phase. Many were never written down in any way. Others were started, some petered out and went nowhere, others got to a point where I stepped away from them for one reason or another. Then, others became stories I chose to tell.

When I was 9 years old, this began with my illustrated, 50-page sci-fi story Wildfire. At 13, it was my first-ever typed 36-page sci-fi story, The Secret Computer World. At 18, I wrote a technothriller short story called Secrets Withheld. Apart from sharing their titles here, nobody will ever read these.

Thanks to Amazon, self-publishing has become an increasingly viable option. This allowed me to become a self-published indie author. However, that’s still only the beginning of the story.

To become an authorpreneur, and make a business out of writing, there are steps past the first — (conception) and second (writing). They include editing, professional editing, acquiring cover art (unless you can do that yourself), formatting, and the other steps for publishing an eBook and paperback.

Self-publishing is in no way the end. That’s because sales and marketing are on the authorpreneur, too.

Sales and marketing are a huge part of authorpreneurship

You get the idea, turn it into a book, edit it, send it to an editor, make or get the cover art made, do the formatting for eBook and paperback (or outsource that, too), and then publish.

Payday, right? Yes, but no.



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