This is Your Permission Slip

Because the Universe ultimately gives you permission to choose any path.

There is an unfortunate undercurrent in our society that keeps people down. And it’s made up of some of the most convoluted mixed messages you can imagine.

We are constantly shown how people should “stand up for themselves” and “stand on their own two feet” and “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” and the like. Be tough, and strong, and firm. Go to it, go at it, go for it, and be awesome.

BUT — be careful, there is danger everywhere you turn. Also, the number of obstacles you need to overcome are probably totally insurmountable, anyhow. Oh, and if you get too big in the process, you’ll be rejected by the people you care about. And if that’s not enough to discourage you, who the hell are you? Because if you’re not somebody you’re nobody.

Is it any wonder so many people suffer depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues? I’m kind of amazed more people are completely schizophrenic.

It doesn’t help that our so-called leaders don’t care about us — unless we keep them in power. Hence, why people who don’t need it to survive get tax breaks and other handouts but we, the people, get a pittance. Because the forthcoming $600 stimulus is nothing in comparison and rather laughable. But I digress.

Despite the mixed messages, you can be, do, and have anything you desire. Getting clear on just what that is, using mindfulness to get on track to go after it, and then acknowledging that you are worthy and deserving will give you all the tools you need to get there.

But first — you might need permission to make such choices.

This is your permission slip

When you were a kid, your parents had to sign a permission slip so that you could join your classmates on a field trip. Sometimes, to get out of school early for an appointment, again, you needed a permission slip.

Throughout your education, permission slips to step outside of the regularly scheduled program were a requirement. Once you left school, they largely — but not entirely — went away.

To take a vacation, in corporate America, you need permission. Some jobs, due to their nature, blackout times for vacations. Without permission, you can’t have that day off.

So, when you strike out on your own, and you are the only authority in your life — who gives you the permission slips? Where do you get permission to start the business, the relationship, and/or the new venture you want to undertake?

The answer is that permission comes from two places. The Universe. And You.

The Universe

The Universe is mind-bogglingly huge. Like, it’s so huge that humankind still only has discovered 4 percent of the visible Universe. All the best minds have only discovered that teeny, tiny amount of the vastness of the cosmos.

It is a place of abundance, more than enough, and anything and everything you can conceive of. And the Universe IS a living entity. Why? Because, just like every single subatomic aspect of you, the Universe is made of energy.

From the visible to the invisible, the tangible to the intangible, the material to the immaterial, ALL IS ENERGY. Hence, it can be (and has been) manipulated to create anything you can imagine.

Just fifty years ago, cellular telephones didn’t exist. Today, they’ve been replaced by mobile computers exponentially more powerful than a mere voice communication system. People dreamt them up, figured out the how, and now most of us can’t imagine our lives without them.

This is why the Universe has given you permission to walk a path of your choosing. The Universe is abundant and wants to share that abundance with you. It’s just a matter of aligning your energy with what you seek.

The Universe will give you any permission slip you ask of it, no questions asked, no stipulations — just match your energy with it.


This is the most difficult person to get permission from. You are your harshest critic, largest skeptic, and most difficult person to convince of your worth and deserving. When it comes to allowing steps outside of your comfort zone and new and bold choices, you are the toughest person to get them by.

But you may be asking, isn’t this my idea to start this relationship, open this business, or take the bold step I intend? Yes — but it’s a new, different, and frankly scary request. It will pull you out of your comfort zone — and you, at your core, like to be in comfort.

You need to remember this. Because you need to give yourself permission to do this.

If it helps — and I am not kidding here — write up an actual, factual, permission slip. Hell, it can be as simple as this:

I, *insert your name here*, give you permission to *insert the desired goal here*

Sincerely, *sign here*

Silly? Maybe — but it does no harm to actually, factually, give yourself permission to walk whatever path you would desire to.

Now that you have permission from the Universe and YOU, the next steps are as follows:

Get clear on what you want

You think you know what you want. So, you ask for it. But is it REALLY what you want?

For example — I want a million dollars! Great. Sure, very useful. But let’s take a closer look at this.

If you currently earn $40,000.00 a year, $1,000,000.00 is 25 times as much money. That’s exponentially more. It’s huge. And you simply may not be able to conceive of it.

Because you cannot conceive of 25 times more money in your life than you have now, this is too abstract. Also, to be honest, it’s equally too limiting. You need to get clear on what you truly want this for.

For example, I want to owe money on nothing. Debt-free! I’d like to have enough money to pay for things outright that I desire to have. But more than that, I desire to give generously to causes I believe in and buy gifts for the people I love. So — what I desire is to have enough money to live comfortably, abundantly, and generously.

THAT is a lot more realistic and attainable than an amount so vastly huge compared to what I already know. And that’s the kind of clarity required to manifest the things you desire and choose the paths to take to get there.

This next requires mindfulness.

Mindfulness of permission

Mindfulness is your conscious awareness in the here-and-now of what’s in your head. This occurs on three levels.

First Level: On the surface, the easiest to access, it’s your thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions. Knowing what you are thinking, what and how you are feeling, what you are doing, and why, tells you what you can and will attract. Conscious reality creation starts here.

Second Level: The next level is how the tangibles of the first level impact your perception of the Universe. Thus, it’s your mindset/headspace/psyche and overall sense of being. Who you are, looking out of your eyes at the world, is made up of this.

Third Level: Deeper down, you find the beliefs and habits that form how you experience life. When you can reach this, you can see habits and beliefs that don’t serve you — and make choices and decisions to change/alter them.

Mindfulness is where you give yourself permission to choose any path you desire to walk for your life.

You are worthy and deserving

Who the hell are you? What makes you worthy and deserving of choosing and walking some path?

The answer is YOU. You are you. And you have the permission of both the Universe and YOU to make these choices.

The reason you are on this planet is to experience all the things life has to offer. But, let’s face it — nobody can experience ALL of them. Because they are just as diverse and numerous as stars in the sky. What’s more, not everyone has desires for the same experiences, tangibles, and intangibles available.

But you are worthy and deserving of being the best you that you can be — because that’s why you’re here. Human beings have the capability to create incredible tools and thrive so that we might USE them to do so. That’s why we have this technology, and why we continue to investigate the unknown and seek more.

Not only do you have permission to choose a given path — you are worthy and deserving of it because it IS your birthright.

When you accept the permission slip from the Universe, and the permission slip from YOU, you can use mindfulness to overcome the messages of lack and scarcity; to overcome the fear inherent in our society; get clear on what you TRULY desire to gain from this path, and; to go for it.

You are worthy and deserving of an incredible life lived on your terms.

Will you sign the permission slip to start on the path of your choosing?

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Thank you for reading. I am MJ Blehart. I write about mindfulness, conscious reality creation, positivity, the philosophy of choosing and walking your path, and similar life lessons.
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Originally published at on December 23, 2020.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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