Transmission Commencing

You are a human transmission tower. What are you broadcasting to the world?

You are a human transmission tower.

This may seem rather simplistic or far-fetched, but that doesn’t lessen the truth of it. You ARE transmitting to the world around you, whether you realize it or not.

What exactly does that mean?

At the core of everyone and everything throughout the Universe is energy. All energy vibrates at one frequency or another. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. As such, the energy is transmitted at a frequency, much like a radio or cellular transmission.

Ergo, since you are energy, you are a human transmission tower.

Why does that matter? Because in recognizing this fact, you get to choose and tune in the frequency at which you desire to transmit.

This becomes even more important when you consider if you are working with positivity or negativity. Positive energies vibrate at higher frequencies, negative at lower frequencies.

Whether or not you believe in this notion, you ARE a human transmission tower.

Transmitting many signals

Some of the signals you transmit are so subtle as to be mostly missed. But there are any number of signals you and I transmit that are very obvious.

If you are in a particularly bad mood, your body language, facial expressions, and tone all transmit that. If your mood is particularly bad, people will sense it. Ever notice when someone mentions getting a sense of someone, or feeling the mood of another person?

This is because you transmit. It may be unintentional, but it is still there.

While it is true that nobody can feel your feelings but you, that doesn’t mean you can’t project them like heat and cold so others get a sense of them.

Nonsense? I am relatively certain that this is something everyone has encountered from time to time. And, what’s more, if you are not being mindful of your thoughts and feelings, you may tune right in to those of another.

Ever talk about how someone has brought everybody else down? This is not just a metaphor, this is a result of their transmissions. You got tuned into them, and as such your frequency was lowered.

This does go both ways. When someone is super-joyful, they transmit that. Just like being brought low, you can be raised up by the high-vibration frequency transmission from someone else.

This is why being mindful of your thoughts and feelings matters as much as it does.

Like attracts like

Whether you believe in the notion of the Law of Attraction, or conscious reality creation, physics will tell you that like energy attracts like energy. Given that we are all energy, we attract like energy to ourselves based on the frequency we transmit our thoughts and feelings at.

This, in my opinion, is how you can explain innocent people getting hurt. I would theorize that since nobody thinks alike, and our perceptions of reality are totally individual, that we can land on frequencies unintentionally easily. If there are high frequencies and low frequencies, it goes to follow that there are mid-level frequencies, too.

In the days of the dial-in tuner for a radio, you could make the slightest adjustment to get a signal, and gain clarity in it. In this same way, we can all tune into a similar signal within a range. Because we are all human transmission towers, and like energy attracts like energy, we can inadvertently be caught in a tragedy.

This does not mean that being mindful of your thoughts and feelings does not matter. Since mindfulness brings you into the now, and the now is the only moment of reality that truly exists, practicing mindfulness serves you.

This can get pretty convoluted. But keeping this in mind can help you see how working to transmit at a positive, high frequency can be more useful than not being mindful at all.

Transmit mindfulness

This is not always an easy proposition. Being mindful of what you are thinking and how and what you are feeling, especially if you have not been practicing before, can be trying. However, it does get easier with practice, like anything else that you make a practice of.

When you become more aware of your vibrational frequency, you can better control what you are transmitting. If you desire to attract more good and positive into your life, you will want to transmit higher frequency vibrations.

Mindfulness empowers you to tune your frequency as such. Being aware of this can mean the difference between broadcasting negativity or positivity, and as such drawing one or the other to you.

You are a human transmission tower. What sort of broadcast would you care to put out to the world?

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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