What Do You Think of Yourself?

Murray "MJ" Blehart
6 min readApr 11, 2019

Are you carrying around outdated thoughts and feelings about yourself?

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Do you have thoughts and feelings about yourself that do not make you feel very good? If you do, it’s important to recognize this, because such thoughts complicate anything and everything you desire to do.

I think everyone has experience with this. While it’s easy to express this about other people, the internal dialogue most of us are running is all about ourselves.

This is not about vanity or conceit, this is about mindfulness and being aware of what you think of yourself. Few people look in the mirror and think I am amazing or I am awesome or I look great.

No, more often than not we look into the mirror and think I am fat or I am getting old or How am I going to f*^k myself up today? Not very complimentary, is that?

The thing is, while most of us guard what we say to people directly, we tend to have no filters for the self. What’s more, we also tend to treat ourselves with far too little kindness. Because this tends to be a form of autopilot for most people, we build it up until it becomes this impression of the self which we use to define ourselves.

When we define ourselves by negatives, we make it that much harder to create anything we might desire. Consciousness creates reality, and because that’s the case, when you are thinking no-good thoughts of yourself, you tend to draw that to you.

When you become aware of this, you open yourself up to creating a new and better inner dialogue.

How you think of yourself is yours to control

You cannot do anything about what anyone else thinks of you. Ever learn that someone despises you, and you cannot figure out why? Ever set out to rectify the situation, and get them to like you? Then, if it didn’t work, do you start questioning if they know something about you that you don’t? Since I’ve encountered this, I would bet that this is not a foreign concept for you, either.

Accepting that we cannot change how others think can be a bitter pill to swallow. In especial when that comes to ourselves. Yet because we tend to see how others think of us as a mirror, we get upset because we think the problem is in…



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