What Inspires Your Creativity?

Everyone is a creator, and we can all find and use inspiration along the way.

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What inspires you to create?

It doesn’t matter what it is you are creating — creating anything is empowering. What helps you to be inspired to create?

There can be multiple sources of inspiration. But it’s also important to recognize that, when we get stuck, we still have somewhere we can turn to.

Further, different things will inspire at different times and in certain circumstances.

For inspiration, I turn to the following sources (in no particular order):

· Music. For writing in particular, I love to use movie scores. Nothing like the soaring orchestrations of John Williams and Michael Giacchino and the like to make the blood pump and get the creative juices flowing.

· Pinterest and other photo resources. Looking at inspiring images often evokes stories to go with them, and can help awaken creativity.

· Sunlight. Nothing like the sun to wake me up. I know it’s not for everyone, but I am totally solar powered.

· Rain. A good falling rain can be equally as inspiring as the sun. Something about it evokes creativity.

· Moonlight. Ever just feel the energy coming off the moon? This can be incredibly inspiring.

· Friends and loved ones. Sometimes you have an incomplete idea, and all you need is to bounce it off of someone to complete it. Friends and loved ones can be excellent for this.

· Meditation. Stillness can calm the mind, and actually massively open up the creative channels.

To be certain, in some situations a combination of these can be really effective.

Finding inspiration isn’t always easy

Even when you can name sources for inspiration, finding it can still be really challenging.

Sometimes you are just sleepy. Or distracted. Perhaps the grey skies give you the blahs. You desire to be creative, but find yourself staring at a blank screen/page/canvas/instrument or whatever outlet of creativity you utilize. Then, even when you turn to one of your sources, nothing comes.

It’s important to acknowledge a couple things. This happens. It is not abnormal of you to feel uninspired and uncreative. Even the greatest creative geniuses of all time had moments and periods of nothing going on.

Don’t beat yourself up when you are uninspired and uncreative. Nobody that I know is ever “on” 24/7. Everybody has moments where they are down, or angry, or just feeing incapable, uninspired, and uncreative.

You are not a bad person or a failure when this happens. Nope, you are still a worthy and deserving person, even when the muse is nowhere to be found, and that leaves you wondering where your head is at.

Also, it does not matter whether you call yourself an artist or not. Professional or amateur, you have all sorts of avenues of inspiration and creativity. You could be a writer/painter/sculptor/woodworker or such. However, an inspired creator can also be a cook, a room organizer, a spreadsheet maker, a barista, or anyone.

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Photo by MJ Blehart

You are a creator

EVERYONE creates. To be sure, some of the things people create are pretty mundane. But that does not lessen the creativity of the things they make, nor the need, desire, and experience with inspiration.

When you become mindful of your own creativity, whatever form that may take, you gain the ability to better know your sources for inspiration. So whether you are creating art, food, office procedures, or a loving home, you are a creative creator.

Becoming aware of this opens you up to giving it more thought and feeling, and making use of that mindfulness to create even more incredible things along the way. You are worthy and deserving of being an inspired creator, no matter what it may be that you create, and that can be incredibly empowering.

What inspires you to create? What are you making today?

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain. http://www.mjblehart.com

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