Intention of action, combined with mindfulness of thought and feeling, creates the world.

What is Intention?

Intention is focus. It is the focus on the action that creates reality.

Mindfulness is about knowing your own thoughts and feelings. With knowledge of your thoughts and feelings, you can take actions to consciously create reality. But the actions need focus, direction, or specifically intention.

So what is intent? defines it thus:

Intent (noun)

When it comes to intent of action, meaning and significance are important. This is because action for the sake of action is not necessarily a creator. Whereas action with purpose, an act of doing something, and meaning, has far more power.

This is why intentional action is a necessary part of using consciousness to create reality. Being aware of what you’re thinking and what and how you’re feeling opens the door to action. Action with intent behind it will better manifest whatever you are working on.

This is what intention is all about. Using mindfulness to live an intentional life. Rather than just going through the motion day in and day out, you actively work on experiencing and living a fuller life.

A lot of people see the world we live in today as having room for improvement. But in order to do anything to change the world, change has to begin with the self.

Intention for change

As I have written previously, the only things over which we can exert any control in this life are our thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is because these are the only things which are wholly, entirely, and totally ours. You can have influence on other people, but you cannot control them.

It is also important here to note that this is not a complete control. This, too, is influence, albeit direct influence. The difference is recognizing that if there is not intent or desire, no amount of control will impact change.

Intention for change is required. To make a change, you have to desire that change. As such, when you take action to implement change, it requires intention. No change will occur unless you actually want it to, and focus accordingly.

This can be applied to change of any size or shape. You can’t just pay the idea lip service, give it thought, maybe feel it out, but then take no actions.

I have read or listened to a lot of different books about the Law of Attraction and Conscious Reality Creation. The mistake a lot of people make is that they simply believe that you can think and feel, and then the Universe will just make it happen. Trouble is, while thought and feeling are the driving force, there still needs to be action. Specifically, intentional action.

While the world is constantly changing, the only way to influence or direct change in a manner you desire is to use intention. This is both very simple, and can be super complicated. This is because often distractions, obstacles, and other factors can get in the way.

Intent, however, can get you through.

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You can direct change with intent

Examples of change you can totally take control of:

Let’s say you desire to move to a new place, far from where you have lived. You can’t just think about the move, and feel the move. You need to intend it. There will need to be research into neighborhoods and homes, moving companies, and other factors in order to make this happen. Taking intentional actions is the only way it will happen.

Another example is quitting smoking. This in particular is all about intent. Everyone I know who has successfully quit did so cold turkey. From my observations on the outside of such, it appears that when the person who quit decided to do so, it was their intent to be done smoking.

Rather than vape or use patches or nicotine gum or other such supposed step-downs, they made a choice. It was their intent to quit, they decided to do it, and intentional action of stopping all smoking related activities ended their identity as a smoker.

This is all about intention. You cannot just ponder quitting or half-ass quitting, you have to decide to do it. Intentional action is tossing out the cigarettes and ceasing smoking. Or no longer eating carbs. Or not chewing on your fingernails. Actions being taken.

There are going to be days where this is complicated. In especial when you are killing off an old habit or making some other drastic change. This is why intent, putting significance and purpose into your action, matters. Without that energy, it won’t fly.

Actions speak louder than words

We need thoughts to create ideas. From there, we need feelings to fuel and impassion our ideas. In order to turn them into realities, we need to take intentional actions to get them going. Intentional action is an absolutely necessary step to the physical creation of a given reality.

You are empowered to change the illusion of the reality in which you live. It doesn’t always feel that way, but it is still the truth. When you recognize this and work with being mindful of your thoughts and feelings, intent in your actions will, with practice, come with greater ease.

This can be challenging, but when you apply intent to your actions, you can direct and influence the constant stream of change in which you personally exist. Be aware of your thoughts, work on feeling out how the reality you desire to create will feel, and act with passion and intent on making it so.

It’s your reality. As you get more aware of this fact, you gain more influence over what that can mean. Being mindful of this is your first step into a larger world.

How will you use intention to consciously create a better reality for yourself?

Originally published at on April 17, 2019.

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I am a practitioner of mindfulness, positivity, philosophy, & conscious reality creation. I love to inspire, open minds, & entertain.

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